17 Games Like Unblock Me

Unblock Me is a Puzzle and Single-player video game for those players who love playing Brick Breaker-style video games, developed by Kiragames Co., Ltd for Android. The game offers the classic addictive gameplay where the player exercises his bran with more than 18,000 puzzles, which is the highest number of puzzles that the player find in any logic games. The ultimate objective is to unlock the red block out the board where the game or level is set by sliding the other available blocks out of its way. There are four different modes such as Challenge Mode, Relax Mode, Multiplayer Mode, and Daily Puzzle Mode. In Relax mode, the player needs to unleash his logic to solve the puzzle with any tension of limited moves. In Challenge mode, the player has limited moves, and he must complete the level and earn up to three stars. Unblock Me includes core features such as Daily Rewards, an Infinite amount of Puzzles, Four Modes, Achievements, Five Difficulties, and more. Try it out, if you love playing puzzle games.

2. Tetris 2

Tetris 2 (also known as Tetris Flash in Japan) is a Puzzle, Single-player and Multiplayer video game similar to Tetris and Dr. Mario games. The game brings a challenging gameplay, in which the player must adjust the falling blocks to complete the horizontal lines, instead of matches the colors of…

4. Cultris II

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Cultris II is an immersive game similar to Tetris. It is available to play on Windows and Mac platforms only. The game introduces the timer-based system and fast-paced gameplay. It supports both single and multiplayer modes. The ultimate task is to clear the lines by adjusting blocks in their right…

6. BlockOut 2

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BlockOut 2 is an Arcade, Puzzle, and Single-player video game available to play on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The game offers the similar gameplay like Tetris and Dr. Mario. It has a set of levels each is challenging from last one. The ultimate task is to score the highest points…

8. Slydris

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Slydris is an Arcade, Falling Puzzle and Single-player video game developed by Radiangames. It offers the similar gameplay like Tetris where the players have to arrange different color blocks that fall onto the screen. The goal is to move, spin and rotate the blocks and create a correct shape that…

13. Jumble Blocks

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Jumble Blocks is a Simple Tetris Style video game developed by Jayenkai. The game focuses on falling Puzzle elements and lets the player struggle to fit two different color blocks together. To disappear the blocks the player has to create a square or rectangular of 3×3 and score the points.…

14. Tribute to Lumines

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Tribute to Lumines combines the elements of Falling Puzzle and Arcade developed by Zizheng Wu. It is designed for kids and adults of all ages and available to play on Android and iOS platforms only. The game offers the similar gameplay like Tetris and focuses on strategy elements. There are…

16. Tetris Attack

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Tetris Attack is an addictive, Puzzle, Single and Multiplayer video game created by Intelligent System and published by Nintendo. It is the first release in the series of Puzzle League. In Single-player campaign, the game takes place in the fictional world of Island of Yoshi where Bowser and his campaign…

17. Interlocked

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Interlocked is a Puzzle and Single-player video game takes place in the 3D environment, developed and published by Armor Games for Android and iOS. The game features a set of levels and each level has a beautifully crafted wooden block contain a challenging puzzles and the player needs to solve…

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