Tunnel Rush


Games Like Tunnel Rush for PS4

#1 Electronauts


Electronauts is a Co-op, Single-player and Multiplayer Music video game with Virtual Reality (VR) supports played from a first-person perspective developed and published by Survios. The game comes with unique gameplay that players have never experienced before and offers a brilliants chance to shine. During the gameplay, players can create music with confidence, no matter their skill level, as they make music magic in the VR experience. The game deals with exploring, experiment and electrify elements and introduces forty superb tracks from fifty artists around EDM, trap, hip-hop, and other genres. In the game, players can jump on eight different instruments in a VR environment, from sampler orbs to sonic grenades. The player can explore the situation from a first-person perspective while making music to advance through the game. The player can crush his set with adaptable colours, surreal visuals, and dynamic camera angles that make his performance fit his mood. Electronauts includes prominent features such as Collaborate with other Friends, Experiment on Eight Music Instruments, Top Artists, and more.