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Truck Life

Truck Life is a Casual, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed by Pleasant Games Ltd. Throughout the game, the player gets in the role of a truck driver, who has to improve his skills through many routes. While driving the truck, the player views the environment from the third-person perspective… read more
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6 Games Like Truck Life for Mac OS


1. Euro Truck Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator is a vehicle simulation game developed by SCS Software. The game is set in the beautiful surroundings of Europe and takes you to an amazing tour of various cities from where you can pick up the cargo and deliver it to various locations. The game lets you choose your starting point chosen from various countries (Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Switzerland). After you have started, you can pick up the cargo from the storage and deliver it to the assigned destination. Every goods drop allows you to earn money that you can use to buy a new truck from a number of European manufacturers (Mercedes, Renault, Scania, and Volvo) or you can upgrade the one you are having and expand your business to other countries. Euro Truck Simulator is a great driving Simulation/game and provides with an amazing game-play filled with a lot of great things. Talking about best games like Euro Truck Simulator, we have created a list of some really cool driving simulators/games for you to play and enjoy. Let’s take a look the list below.


2. UK Truck Simulator

UK Truck Simulator is a driving and racing simulation that allows you to transport various goods via roads in your trucks to different assigned or designated locations on the game map. You play the game as a worker in a virtual haulage company in UK and are trying to establish your own cargo and transportation business. The game lets you enjoy an amazing driving and racing simulation experience by travelling to 18 major cities in United Kingdom. Every on time and un-damaged delivery awards you with licenses and money that you can use to buy and upgrade your trucks. You can also purchase garages on different locations on map and set up your own cargo businesses across United Kingdom. The game features all European brand trucks and allows you to use flash lights while driving, control temperature in your containers and keep track of the fuel consumption and wipers and gauges etc. UK Truck Simulator provides with an amazingly realistic type of game-play that leaves you spellbound for a very long time.


3. Bus Driver

Bus Driver is a great driving and racing simulation from the maker of Euro Truck Simulator. The game puts you into the character of a bus driver and allows you to drive different make and model buses (Ford B-Series, MCI D4500, Nova Bus RTS, Renault Agora, Volvo and Temsa Safari etc.) to transport the passengers to their destinations. You can drive on various roads and drop the passengers on the locations by following the traffic rules and correct passages. Every passenger drop awards you with reward money that you can use to buy new buses (After they are available) or to upgrade the existing ones. If any traffic laws disobeyed and the passengers are dropped after the allowed time, you’ll lose points so be careful to the details. Bus Driver is a great simulation to learn driving too so you must try it out. It’ll definitely be quite entertaining for you.


4. Train Simulator 2016

Train Simulator 2016 (Originally known as RailWorks)is a massive piece of satisfaction for all those who always dreamt of driving Trains. All those who can not Drive the Trains in real Life can enjoy this near reality Train Driving Simulation by Dovetail games. Filled with all kinds of challenges, Train Simulator 2016 lets the players enjoy a realistic Train Driving experience and take it to extremes when it comes to proving their Train Driving skills. Train Simulator offers fantastic and scenic routes from many real-world locations and takes you to the lush green mountains of Sherman Hill (USA) to West Rhine: Cologne to Koblenz (Germany) and from Riviera Line: Exeter to Kingswear (UK) etc. Train Simulator offers various new features embedded into the gameplay that previously were necessary to download separately to play the game. The new features include “Revamped Graphics, Bug Fixes, Modifications in already existing content, and multiple trade options, etc. Train Simulator 2016 offers engines of different types such as Steam, Diesel and Electric, natural controls, Career, Standard, Free Roam and Quick Drive Modes, various departure and destination stations, Day and Night cycles, various Seasons and Weather types, Passengers and Cargo to deliver, etc. as the newest features of the game. With the biggest ever exclusive content package, beautiful visuals and all the amazing Train Driving fun, Train Simulator 2016 lets you enjoy the game for hours.


5. Scania Truck Driving Simulator

Scania Truck Driving Simulator is all about the beautiful and powerful rigs made by the Company of the same name. The game allows the players to get behind the wheel of the most advanced and iconic Trucks from Scania Company and enjoy a brilliant Driving Simulation like never before. With revamped mechanics, Scania Truck Driving Simulator lets the players enjoy advanced Truck Maneuvering mechanisms and enjoy smooth and fluent simulation ever. The primary task in the game is to learn and master the Art of Driving Trucks as the game lets you prove your driving skills in ten different Truck Driving and Maneuvering Challenges. Once the players have passed all the ten challenges, they can earn their Driving License. After that, they can complete various tasks at many different locations and tracks on the game map and enjoy all the beautiful environments and the amazing Trucking routine. Driving through the obstacles, reversing the trailer, parking at various spots, breaking and speeding are among the main tasks in the challenges that a player has to complete if they want to prove themselves as skilled drivers. After thoroughly mastering the art of Driving Trucks, players can go compete against some the best AI drivers, win the European Young Truck Driver Competition and earn rewards. Furthermore, Scania Truck Driving Simulator offers a number of Freeform Missions in which players can deliver various types of Goods to different destinations on game map of a 3D City and enjoy their life as a Skilled and Famous Truckers. With al the amazing learning mechanism, beautiful visuals, and environments, addictive nature and immersive gameplay, Scania Truck Driving Simulator is a fun Driving Simulation to enjoy.


6. American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator or also known as ATS is a brand new Vehicle Driving Simulation by SCS software. The game is a parallel sequel to the popular Euro Truck Simulator 2 (By SCS Software), and it offers a similar gaming experience. Along with being a massive hit and a fantastic Driving Simulation, American Truck Simulator is a Business Management Simulation as well as it allows the players to grow their business by moving goods to various locations on the game map. Every goods delivery rewards the players with money and experience points that they can use to buy upgrades, more vehicles and hire more NPC drivers. Unlike Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator offers a time-based gameplay and focuses more on delivering the goods with fewer damages. If a goods delivery is late and there are a lot of damages to the goods, the driver gets to pay the damages with money in his/her bank. As mentioned earlier, the player can buy more Trucks, hire more drivers and spend the money on upgrading them with all the necessary items such as Repairs, Fuel, and Structural upgrades, etc. Another important part of the game is that it allows the players to manage their own Trucking business by hiring more NPC drivers and keeping on adding more Trucks to the fleet. That way players can enjoy both Driving and Business Simulation at the same time. American Truck Simulator offers various locations in the game including California, Nevada, Arizona, Mexico, and Canada and features different types of Trucks, environments and day and night cycles as well. With a fantastic game setting (USA), beautiful and fluent 3D graphics, enhanced game mechanics and addictive gameplay, American Truck Simulator is one of the best Driving Simulations to try.


More About Truck Life

Truck Life is a Casual, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed by Pleasant Games Ltd. Throughout the game, the player gets in the role of a truck driver, who has to improve his skills through many routes. While driving the truck, the player views the environment from the third-person perspective.

The player comes to meet forests, mountains, and industrial areas of the city by exploring maps. In this simulating adventure, the player has to drive in the varied weather conditions and day/night modes. The game has an expanded map to discover precious locations of the country. The game has two playable modes, such as adventure mode and mission mode.

In the mission mode, the player has to complete the assigned tasks, whereas, in the adventure mode, there are no missions and restrictions. Get into the adventure, explore multiple locations, customize the truck, manage all the tasks, and be the best truck driver.

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