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86 Games Like Townsmen Premium

Townsmen Premium is a Classic City Building, Strategy and Single-player Simulation developed and published by HandyGames. The game takes place in the medieval settings and available to play on mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In the beginning, you starts off from a tiny village, and your primary aim is to turn it into a grand medieval empire. You have to navigate the world to find resources, craft items, build houses, bakeries, factories and other buildings to progress. The game rewards you with money as you fulfill quests and can use these funds to upgrade your buildings and unlock further content. You have to recruit army, train and equip them with weapons to defend your Empire. Keep your people, grow different crops, fruits, and trees to expand your Empire further and further. As the game progress, it becomes difficult to play. Townsmen Premium offers core features such as City-building Gameplay, cute Citizens, Diverse Scenarios, Meaningful Seasons, Dozens of Towns, and Military elements with Bandits and Soldiers, Sandbox mode and more. Try it out if you like playing City-building games with medieval settings.

3. SimCity Buildit

Android iOS Amazon
SimCity Buildit is an addictive and quite brilliant Building and Management Simulation by Electronic Arts (EA). The game lets the players be the mayor of a city, construct various types of buildings, factories, research facilities, generate and collect resources, etc. To generate the resources, the players must build factories where…

5. Megapolis

Android iOS Amazon
Megapolis is a great City Building, Construction and Management Simulation. The game allows you to build whole new city from scratch, explore, collect and manage resources, build massive economies and enjoy being control of everything. Finance management is the key element in Megapolis that allows you to simply balance your…

7. SimCity Social

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SimCity Social was an Online Browser-based City-Building, Management and Social Networking video game released by EA (Electronic Arts). The basic purpose of the game was to build a City and interact with other online players, visit their Cities and enjoy trading, chatting and exploring. The game was released in 2012,…

11. Empire: Four Kingdoms

Android iOS Amazon
Empire: Four Kingdoms is a Building and Management MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online – Real-time Strategy) Simulation by Goodgame Studios. The game allows the players to become a mighty Emperor of the Four Kingdoms, build a small castle and turn it into a gigantic Fortress. Enjoy reigning hell over the enemies…

15. Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition

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Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition is a brilliant New City Building, MMO, Real-Time Strategy and Management video game by Haemimont Games and Feral interactive. Just like the previous games of the series, Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition allows you to be the president of Isla Nublar, choose the best outfit…

17. Cities: Skyline

Steam Win Mac Linux One Amazon
Cities: Skylines is a wonderful City Building, Management and massively Multiplayer online Real-Time Strategy Simulation packed with new and improved gameplay mechanics and elements and it tends to entertain you with all the provided thrill and hardships of creating and managing a whole city. The game basically assesses your abilities…

26. Travian: Kingdoms

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Travian: Kingdoms is a brand new addition to the already trending Travian Franchise. The game offers diversity and plenty of room to the gameplay because of its unique and improved mechanics. This amazing game actually offers the best ever MMORTS experience and is playable on both Android and iOS platforms.…

27. Goodgame Empire

Android iOS Online Amazon
Goodgame Empire is a wonderful Online Browser-based RTS and MMO video games. This cool game is all about epic encounters with enemies, building gigantic and powerful Fortresses, Training massive Armies and building a thriving Economy and a prosperous settlement. Goodgame Empire lets you enjoy most of the features you are…

28. Stonehearth

Win Amazon
Stonehearth is another wonderful Sandbox style, Construction, Management and MMO-RTS video game that offers an addictive and quite immersive game-play. The game makes you an in charge of a small dwarf settlement and allows you to start up as a camp and with the time, grow up to a whole…

29. Imagine Earth

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Imagine Earth is a great City Building, Management, MMO and Real-Time Strategy video game that takes you to an amazingly Interactive and Futuristic game world and allows you to be a manager of a Colony, Explore habitable near and distant stars and planets, built settlements on them, start trading and…

31. CivCity: Rome

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CivCity: Rome, is an Open Ended RTS, City-Building and Management video game developed by FireFly Studios and Firaxis Games. Almost all of the core game elements of CivCity: Rome are much alike the ones in Caesar and Civilization series. Your task in the game is to fit yourself up in…

49. SimTower: The Vertical Empire

Win Mac Amazon
SimTower: The Vertical Empire is a Construction and Management Simulation developed by OpenBook Co, Ltd and published by Maxis. The game has Single-player mode and offers an opportunity to the player to build and manage his tower and make decision about various facilities to place in it. The player starts…
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