Games Like Thrillville for PS Vita

#1 Theme Hospital


Theme Hospital is 1997’s popular Business Simulation by Bullfrog Entertainment. The game tasks the players to design, construct and operate a Hospital. Because of being a thematic successor to another great business simulation of that time “Theme Park,” Theme Hospital was a favorite of masses, and it sold over four million copies worldwide. The gameplay of Theme Hospital is quite simple yet engaging for almost all of the age groups. According to the gameplay, Theme Hospital keeps on moving the players from One hospital to another and tasks them to Build, Decorate and manage it, create environments that attract the patients, install machines and all kinds of things that a hospital need. The Hospital that the players build must treat all sorts of illnesses, emergencies, and diseases as well as provide the Ambulance services and stuff. With a keen Dark sense of Humour, Theme Hospital offers a gameplay that resembles “Theme Park” and because of that, the game attracts even more players from around the globe. Theme Hospital offers various levels of the game, and each level requires a certain degree of experience to build more advanced Hospitals, treat patients with complex diseases and earn more revenue. With a very impressive and immersive gameplay at the same time, Theme Hospital offers fantastic 3D graphics, smooth controls and loads of other exciting things to enjoy.