The Witch’s Isle


Games Like The Witch’s Isle for Android

#1 Nancy Drew


Nancy Drew is a Series of games that offers various Action-Adventure and Point-and-Click exploits of the character of Nancy Drew. The series features over a dozen games and is one of the longest running series of mysteries that tends to provide you with quality entertainment and immerses you deeply with the brilliant stories. Available on various gaming platforms such as PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo and Smart phones, Nancy Drew offers Interactive and Visual Novel style aesthetics and allows you to solve puzzles, talk to NPCs, Collect items, and solve crimes and Mysteries. Being a fantastic video game series, Nancy Drew offers some of the most amazing Video games in the series and some of them are big hits such as Nancy Drew Adventures, Nancy Drew Dossier and Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries etc. Throughout the series Nancy Drew offers a number of different environments, stories, characters and various gameplay experiences etc. With all the fantastic story-driven gameplays, Nancy Drew lets you enjoy both exploration and Detective aesthetics and that is what makes the whole series a marvelous creation of all time.


#2 Broken Age


Broken Age, an epic Point-and-Click Adventure game is developed and published by Double Fine Productions. The story of the game revolves around the life events of two teenagers named Vella Tartine and Shay Volta. Vella’s life hangs in between life and death as she is to be sacrificed to protect her village from a giant monster Mog Chothra and Shay is an astronaut on a ship fully controlled by a computer who thinks of herself as an over protective and overconfident mother of Shay. Vella lives in a world where people believe that sacrifices can save them from Mog Chothra, but vella is not ready to die. She escapes the beasts attack and runs away. She finds a temple that is actually Shay Volta’s Ship. She wakes Shay up from stasis and with the help of Shay they make a weapon and when “Mog Chothra” re appears Vella kills the creature. The storyline of the game and graphics along with gaming environment are astounding.