The Settlers


Games Like The Settlers for Xbox One

#1 Cities: Skylines


Cities: Skylines is a wonderful City Building, Management and massively Multiplayer online Real-Time Strategy Simulation packed with new and improved gameplay mechanics and elements and it tends to entertain you with all the provided thrill and hardships of creating and managing a whole city. The game basically assesses your abilities of being a good Manager, Builder, Crafter, etc. all at once and throws various hardcore challenges at yourself to improve your abilities and ultimately be a great Building and Management Mogul, rule the businesses and, build and create new technologies and take it to a whole new level of entertainment. With awesome visual details, great game-play options, addictive nature, a lot to build and manage and Strategically grow your Economics, Relations and defenses, Cities: Skyline is a great City-building, Management, MMO, RTS simulation to enjoy. Try it out if you really want to enjoy an amazing experience of all the beautiful combination of various elements, you’ll love it for sure.


#2 Tropico 5


Tropico 5 is a marvelous new MMO-RTS, City-Building, Management Simulation that offers gameplay a lot similar to its predecessors and Anno series games. With a unique Co-op Multiplayer (4-Player) feature, Tropico 5 lets you build whole cities on different islands and allows you to work with or against each other. The main task in the game is to manage your cities and take your settlement to the Colonial Era, witness World Wars, Cold War and finally reach to the modern era, embrace technological advancements and thrive in an advanced society. You can also be one of the super powers of the time by simply working hard, write the constitution and decide the independence of your cities or countries and by waging wars against your enemies and defeating them. With all the wonderful building and management options, great visuals, and an addictive game-play, Tropico 5 is a brilliant Simulation to spend your precious time on. Do try it out for a beautiful MMO, RTS, management and City-building experience.