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The Outfit

The Outfit is an Action-Adventure, Shooting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Relic Entertainment. Throughout the adventure, the player leads a squad as a commander and set off to different mission for claiming victories. While inspecting the world, the player controls the leader from the third-person perspective… read more
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5 Games Like The Outfit for PS4


1. Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4, is an open world Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi, RPG and third person shooter video game. Saints Row 4 kicks off from where the Saints Row: The Third concluded. Third Street Gang’s Boss becomes the president of U.S and changes everything. The gangs, defeated by Third Street Saints are now forming alliances and an alien invasion is just about to happen. The protagonist multiplies his efforts with the Third Street Saints to act rationally and killing all the enemies for the sake of United States and the Third Street Gang. After a long lasting war with the aliens and the rival gangs combined, the President (Third Street Saints Boss) confronts Zinyak and kills him in the end of a bloody battle and moves towards the alliance of the Gangs of Steelport, eradicates them with all his might and man power and conquers the Zin forces. After the surrender of the Zin forces, the Boss becomes their new leader, acquires the Zin Time Trave Device and restores the order in present by going to the past and correcting all the errors. Zin invasion never happens and the gangs never show up on the surface of the earth, only Third Street Saints rules as a unanimous power and the boss still becomes the president of United States.


2. GTA Online

GTA Online or also known as Grand Theft Auto Online is a fantastic new Online Multiplayer Mode for the GTA 5 video game. The game is set in the Fictitious State of San Andreas and allows you to get into the Online play with upto 30 Players, Explore the beautiful Open World environment, engage yourself into epic Co-Op and Competitive matches, Roam freely into the State of San Andreas and the City of Los Santos. The game offers both First and third-person Shooting elements along with Stealth and allows you to go on hunting rampages in missions with objectives to kill specific targets or you can simply walk through the streets of Los Santos, Draw your weapons and shoot down the pedestrians, Snatch whatever vehicles you like and start driving them and enjoy a gameplay similar mostly to GTA Online’s predecessors. GTA Online offers some amazing Character customization options and allows you to modify their appearance as you like. GTA Online offers an hour long Tutorial that lets you master Driving, Shooting and fighting etc. With all the Drama and fantastic missions, beautifully designed visuals and all the fun with guns and vehicles, GTA Online is one amazing game Mode to enjoy. Do give it a try, it’ll definitely entertain you.


3. Just Cause 3

To all the Fans of Just Cause Series, Your favorite Hero Rico Rodriguez is back with a Bang in Just Cause 3. This time, the game lets you have the Freedom of Exploring a 1000 km² world where you can reach to the limits of Skies or uncover the secrets on Seabed, Unleash your Wrath and spread Chaos in ways that are unimaginable to the most. According to the Storyline, You as the protagonist Rico Rodriguez are once more required to travel to the Republic of a Mediterranean vicinity of Medici that is being engulfed into the unlawful and brutal reign of a Power Hungry Dictator and the most Brutal individual history has ever seen, General Di Ravello. Your task is to reach simply to Medici, infiltrate into the close circles of General Di Ravello, and destroy his power and hold on Medici to save it. To complete the addictive and exciting objectives of the game, Just Cause 3 offers amazing Perks, a huge arsenal of Advanced Weapons, fantastic new gadgets, Vehicles and much more to discover. With splendid new and old features such as the ability to Sky Dive, Base Jump and Free Dive, Use Grapple, Parachutes, and Wingsuit to minimize the distances, the ability to cause massive explosions and to destroy military bases, mega structures, harbors and any other things you want, Just Cause 3 allows you to be part of a fantastic and quite brilliant world where you’ll experience Action and Thrill that you seek for.


4. Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 or also known and Stylized as WATCH_DOGS2 is a marvelous new addiction to the series. This fantastic Action-Adventure, Stealth and Third-person Shooter video game is originally scheduled to be released in November 2016 but you can Pre Order it on Official game Website. The game is set in the midst of Fictional setting of San Francisco and it allows you to be the protagonist Marcus Halloway who is a hardcore skilled Hacker. Your task in the game is to simply get connected to the Hacking Association named as DedSec and take down the Advanced Security System of the City, ctOS 2.0. This tiem the game features a new protagonist, from far reaches of Oakland, California and drags him all the way to San Francisco to achieve your one and only ultimate goal, to bring down the ctOS 2.0. Years earlier when the protagonist was just a child, ctOS framed him into a crime he did not commit and he paid a heavy price for that. Now is the time to take your revenge as a skilled hacker and a great marksman. In order to complete the game objectives, you’ll have to go through a number of different types of enemies and that’s where you’ll have to show off your shooting and stealth skills. So are you ready for the ultimate adventure?


5. Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping dogs is an Action-Adventure and Third Person Shooter video game that takes you to the environmental wonders of the Hong Kong. The game features the protagonist Wei Shen an undercover police officer who infiltrates the Sun On Yee triad to take down their organization. The game lets you experience an awesomely engaging and thrilling game-play by using your fighting, shooting and parkour skills against your enemies. You can walk, run, fight with pedestrians, drive different vehicles and even fly planes in an open world. As being the police officer and a criminal at the same time, Sleeping Dogs lets you get into both law enforcing and criminal activities and this makes the game more engaging. You get a handful of different weapons, melee and firearms both at your disposal all the time. Sleeping Dogs is one of the best Action-Adventure and Shooter video game that provides with super realistic graphics, an amazing story, an open world and a thrilling game-play. Do try it out.

More About The Outfit

The Outfit is an Action-Adventure, Shooting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Relic Entertainment. Throughout the adventure, the player leads a squad as a commander and set off to different mission for claiming victories. While inspecting the world, the player controls the leader from the third-person perspective.

The game has three different characters, such as Robert Patrick, Ron Perlman, and Terrence Carson, with significant abilities and characteristics. Almost 12 single-player missions are there and the player has to take charge against every mission to improve his stats.

By claiming the victories from the enemies, the soldiers can earn field units that the commander can use to upgrade the squad’s arsenal. As the player gets to advance, the upgrades for tanks and many other vehicles unlock where the player can craft machine guns and anti-tank emplacements for defense. The significant features of the game are Crafting, Third-person Perspective, Weaponry, Shooting, Multiplayer Mode, and Addictive Gameplay.