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The Naked Game

The Naked Game is a Puzzle, Adventure, Exploration, and Single-player video game developed by SiCzech Arts. The game follows the story of a young lady who sets off on a trip to France from Japan for delight. One day, the protagonist finds herself trapped in the room and has to make an effort to escape… read more
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6 Games Like The Naked Game for Mac OS


1. Grim Fandango Remastered

Grim Fandango Remastered is an Graphic-Adventure, Interactive Drama, and Episodic video game by Double Fine Productions. The story follows Mexican Folklores and fits you into the character of the protagonist Manny Calavera who works for the Department of Dead (DOD) and struggles to wipe off his wrong doings so that he can get the final reward. He stars in the game as Reaper who frees other people’s souls from the adversities and inspects about what kind of underworld travel packages are they awarded. Manny’s business unexpectedly starts crashing and he gets the instructions of giving someone a first-class package if he wants his business running. He declines the order and his business crashes badly, and he gets out in the open to investigate about the causes and possible motives behind all of what happened to him recently. You must help yourself in assembling up a crew of a beautiful woman (unnamed) and some trustworthy friends and start your investigation. Grim Fandango Remastered is a kind of twisted video game because of its unique story and characters.


2. The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is an Interactive Drama, Episodic and Graphic Adventure video game developed by “Telltale Game”. The story of the game is based on “Bill Willingham” Comic Book Series named as “Fables”. The game takes you back to the past in the year 1986 and fits you right into the character of “Bigby Wolf” a law enforcing officer. “The Wolf Among Us” starts off with you as the protagonist saving a fable girl from the attack of a woodsman. You take her to your place where she heals her wounds and leaves saying that “You are not as bad as People think you are”. Chapter ends and in next chapter someone gives you the news of the fable girl’s head resting at a Woodsman doorstep. Sherrif “Ichabod Crane” orders you to investigate and solve the case and take “Snow White” with you as your assistant. “The Wolf Among Us” is a super thrilling and exciting case solving and detective video game that lets you solve murder cases by investigating and collecting the clues/evidences and by interacting with objects and NPCs. The game has a twisted and strange story that literally makes you dive deep into imagination and curiosity. Wolf Among Us offers a brilliant Episodic, Interactive and Story Driven gameplay and beautiful visuals to enjoy.


3. The Detail

The Detail is an amazing Graphic-Adventure and Interactive Drama video game by Rival Games Ltd. The game allows you to be Detective Reginald “Reggie” Moore, who becomes frustrated with the defective Justice System and plans to take it down with all the responsible. Crime scene investigations, clue and object finding, capturing the accused and investigating them are the most prominent features of this brilliant game. The game takes place on the fictional location of a Modern American City and it allows you to control the main character Reggie, start from a murder case that took place because of a long lasting gang war, make toughest choices that will directly affect your life as a detective. You must solve the case and at the same time protect your family from the gang members and keep on pacing through the story. The Detail offers a gameplay that is a mixture of Interactive Comics and other story-based elements. The game offers a gameplay and mechanics inspired by the popular The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead by telltale games and features realistic crime based drama and visuals. The story of the game is more similar to the HBO hit T.V Series “The Wire” and is quite interesting to get involved in. With all the Drama, and Suspense, The Detail is one amazing video game to play and enjoy.


4. Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands based on the original Borderlands is an Episodic, Interactive Drama and Graphic Action-Adventure video game developed by Telltale Games. Set in the Borderlands universe, this point and click graphic adventure video game lets you be anyone of the two main protagonists Rhys and Fiona, Explore the game world, interact with game objects, engage yourself into conversations with NPCs and make choices that will eventually effect the story and will set the course of events. Tales from the Borderlands provides with some gun-play elements too and features the same mechanics that were previously used with Borderlands and provides with procedurally generated guns and ammunition. Tales from the Borderlands have some more episodes yet to come out and will definitely amaze you with what it has to offer. For a great Adventure and interactive Drama experience, you should totally play this game.


5. The Walking Dead: Season Two

The Walking Dead: Season Two, based on the Comic Book named The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman is an Episodic, Graphic Point-and-Click Action-Adventure and Interactive Drama video game. The game follows the story-line of the first season and continues from where it was ended previously. You can set yourself up into the character of Clementine (Previously the companion of Protagonist) and get into the play by exploring the world around you, interacting with the objects, engage yourself in the conversations with AI and NPCs, and by reacting to the replies given by the NPCs and change the course of events and endings of the game. Season Two of the game provides with a 400 Days game play in an apocalyptic world filled with Zombies and allows you to amaze yourself with a super thrilling and survival based game-play. The Walking Dead: Season Two is no doubt a great Graphic-Adventure and Interactive Drama video game to play and enjoy. You must play it.


6. Jurassic Park: The Game

Jurassic Park: The Game, presented by Telltale Games is an Episodic, Interactive Drama and Graphic Action-Adventure video game based on the Jurassic Park Movie Franchise. The game takes place in the time between the first and the second Jurassic park movies. The game is heavily influenced by the Mechanics used in the Blockbuster Heavy Rain by Quantic Dreams and lets you investigate different matters by exploring the game world, collecting the clues and evidences, Interacting with the AIs (Artificial Intelligence) and NPCs and by solving different complex puzzles. The game has four Episodes named as The Intruder, The Cavalry, The Depths and The Survivors and lets you follow the story-line strictly and act accordingly. With swiftly changing environments, amazing graphics, story-line, and a great Action-Adventure, Interactive Drama and thrill filled game-play, Jurassic Park: The Game is a super exciting and a brilliant game to play and enjoy.

More About The Naked Game

The Naked Game is a Puzzle, Adventure, Exploration, and Single-player video game developed by SiCzech Arts. The game follows the story of a young lady who sets off on a trip to France from Japan for delight. One day, the protagonist finds herself trapped in the room and has to make an effort to escape.

While inspecting the world, the player views the character from a first-person perspective. The player has to help the kind lady to escape. The game seems to be easy but it is hard enough to complete the challenge. The girl has to solve all the traps and puzzles offered by the kidnapper through his memories.

The player has to recall his memories for solving the puzzles and must be efficient. As the player gets to advance, the complexity of the game increase. The core features of the game are First-person Perspective, Puzzles, Brain Teasing, and Addictive Gameplay.