The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Games Like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Nintendo Wii

#1 Monster Hunter Tri


Monster Hunter Tri is basically the third great inclusion to this amazing series. The game is a wonderful blend of Action-Adventure, Tactical-RPG, Hack and Slash and Multiplayer Co-Op game-play that lets you be a Monster Slayer from a guild of gladiators. Your duty is to save the village of Moga from the wrath of the monsters and other enemies. A continuous threat from a nearby island is what is bothering the people of Moga badly, you must go against the monsters, kill them all and let the people of Moga live in peace. Monster Hunter Tri offers great adventure quests, a lot of cool weapons, skills and a number of characters to choose between along with an engaging game-play, superb visuals much more. Monster Hunter Tri is a marvelous Action-Adventure, RPG and Hack and Slash game to play and enjoy. Do try it out if you love playing Hack and Slash and RPG games, it’ll definitely entertain you well.


#2 Rise of the Tomb Raider


Rise of the Tomb Raider offers a wonderful combination of Action-Adventure, RPG and Hack and Slash aesthetics. This remake of the original Tomb Raider game by Crystal Dynamics features a new ace for the protagonist and allows you to be Lara Croft and go on an epic journey to free your friends from the pirates taking refuge on a distant and god-forsaken island. Equipped with only a Bow and Arrows, you’ll have to survive through hostile environments, encounter the most notorious and vindictive groups of pirates and enjoy immersing yourself into hardcore action and thrill filled game-play. As compared to the previous Tomb Raider games, you’ll experience enhanced mechanics and visuals, a totally new story and plenty of new perks available with the purchase. With a third-person perspective, a new face of protagonist and boldness of the character, Rise of the Tomb Raider offers a totally immersive and one of its kind gaming experience.

#3 X-Men Origins: Wolverine


X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a great Mix Up of Action-Adventure, Hack and Slash, RPG and Beat ‘em’ Up aesthetics. The game is based on the character of the same name Wolverine and kicks off with Wolverine Being hunted by a group of soldiers, in order to save his life he must fight them off or they will kill him with the modern tech weapon. X-Men Origins: Wolverine tasks you to be the protagonist Wolverine save yourself from the hunters and get back to the agency where you’ll be assigned different tasks and in order to complete the tasks you have to use your Titanium Claws, futuristic weapons and your hands to knock down the enemies in epic Melee combats. X-Men Origins: Wolverine with an amazingly addictive game-play, a great story and visuals plus open world gaming environment is a super thrilling game to play and enjoy. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is one of the best Action-Adventure, Hack and Slash and RPG games to play and enjoy. Do try it out.