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30 Games Like Tearaway

Tearaway is an Adventure, Third-person Platform, and Single-player video game created by Tarsier Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. The game offers the brilliant gameplay inspired by Rex Crowle and Papercraft’s doodles and drawings. The story revolves around a messenger on a thrilling adventure to deliver the message to the player. In the start of the game, the player can select whether to play as a female character named as Atoi or the make character named as Iota. He can explore the world made up of paper to deliver the message. During the game, the player uses lots of the features to assist the character and can battle with small foes and scraps. It offers an open world where the player can move freely and can explore the beautiful landscapes. The player can use the camera of Vista to take the picture and can apply it to the animal. Interact with environment and objects to fulfil the missions and reach the specific location to deliver the message. Tearaway includes prominent features such as Mini-Games, beautiful World to Explore, Mind-bending Puzzles, amazing Soundtracks, and more. With excellent controls, third-person exploration, and brilliant mechanics, Tearaway is the best game to play.

4. CraftWorld

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CraftWorld is the First-person Perspective, Crafting and Sandbox video game with a strong emphasis on construction and crafting. The game takes place in the fully editable world, enabling the player build his own castle, building, tunnels, and more. Using crafting features, the player can create multiple weapons, items, and equipment.…

7. OpenClonk

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OpenClonk is an Open Source, Action, Single-player and Multiplayer video game created by OpenClonk Developers for cross platforms. The game puts the player in control of clonks, the small humanoid beings. It is about mining, fast-paced melees, and tactics gameplay components. The game has been described as the combination of…

10. Gnomescroll

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Gnomescroll is an Action-Adventure, First-person Perspective, Building and Crafting video game takes place in the surreal planetary environments. The game has Single-player mode only and offers block-based world where you can create anything you imagine using a variety of blocks. You can explore the open-ended world comprises mountains, cities, rivers,…

14. LEGO Worlds

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LEGO Worlds is a Single-player and Multiplayer Sandbox Simulation with Building elements developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game enables the players to construct their buildings in a 3D randomly generated the world. The player can build different construction using Lego bricks and can…

18. Oxygen Not Included

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Oxygen Not Included mixes the elements of Base-building, Resource Management, Side-scroll, and Single-player Building Simulation published and developed by Klei Entertainment. The game offers a thrilling gameplay, in which you have to manage your colony and control the colonist to discover technologies, gather resources, and expand the colony to progress.…

25. GO Craft and Build 3D

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GO Craft and Build 3D is a Construction, Sandbox, First-person Perspective and Single-player video game takes place in the massive block-based world developed and published by inPocket Games for Android. The game offers an open world environment where the player can move freely from a first-person viewpoint with an objective…

27. Clockwork Empires

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Clockwork Empires is a City Building, Strategy, Sandbox, Survival, and Single-player video game with an emphasis on Management and Steampunk elements developed and published by Gaslamp Games, Inc. The game puts the player in the role of the Colonial Bureaucrat, who is sent by Clockwork Empire to create the Frontier…

29. Minecraft: Story Mode: Season Two

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Minecraft: Story Mode: Season Two is a Pixel Graphics, Psychological Horror, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed and published by Telltale Games for Multiple Platforms. The game is set in the stunning world and story follow the protagonist named Jesse and the gang, who have vanquished the Winter Storm, rescued…

30. Force of Nature

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Force of Nature is a Crafting, Open World, Sandbox, and Role-playing video game created and published by A. Y.std. The game features both Single-player and Multiplayer modes, and it offers the blend of Adventure, Action, Strategy, and Management genres. The player can navigate over ten different zones, and each has…

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