Table Manners: Physics-Based Dating Game


Games Like Table Manners: Physics-Based Dating Game for Xbox One

#1 The Flame in the Flood


The Flame in the Flood brings an entertaining gameplay for those players who love playing Survival games with Rough-like elements. The game has Single-player mode only, available to play on multiple platforms and developed and published by The Molasses Flood. The player can step into the shoes of the protagonist, a young girl named as Scout. There is a companion of the protagonist, who is a dog and able to sense danger and can fetch supplies. The female character uses a raft to travel through a vast river, due to apocalyptic flood, the fictional land turned into multiple Islands. The player must control the character, and fulfill her needs to hunger, thirst, energy, warmth, etc. to prevent death. The game features permanent death like other Rough-like games, although the player can begin the game from the beginning point after death. Crafting system enables the player to create unique and useful items. There are several quests available, and the player can earn points by fulfilling the requirements of each stage. Prominent features are present with detailed graphics, addictive gameplay, and excellent mechanics.