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19 Games Like Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality is an Action, Virtual Reality, and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Bossa Studios. The game brings the Experience Reality to VR and offers the surgery simulation gameplay that you have never seen fore. It places you into some critical and most unlikely surgeries. According to the plot, the life of Bob is in your hand, taking you closer to the bloody surgery than you ever wanted to experience. The game comes with a variety of levels, and each level offers challenging objectives to complete from the operation theatre to the out space, to the ambulance, and more. It comes with dozens of new features, letting you earn points by completing tasks. During the gameplay, you must struggle the save the life of your patients while using realistic surgery equipment. As the game advances, it becomes complicated and other challenging tasks to complete. Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality includes prominent features such as New Achievements, Brain Surgery, Virtual Hands, and more.

11. Trauma Team

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Trauma Team is a fifth marvelous installment in the series of Trauma Center and focuses on Medical Simulation created and published by Altus. Unlike previous entries, which base on surgery, Trauma Team centers on a variety of medical procedures like diagnostics, paramedic work, forensics, etc. There are six different protagonists…

12. LifeSigns: Surgical Unit

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LifeSigns: Surgical Unit is an Adventure, and Single-player Medical Simulation developed and published by Spike. The game takes place in the fictional land and lets you assume the role of the protagonist who is a surgeon. There are different protagonist and each has its unique personality, abilities and skills. Your…

17. Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2

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Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 is a 3rd installment in the series of Trauma Center and the sequel to Trauma Center: Under the Knife created and published by Atlus. The game features Single-player mode and offers the similar gameplay to its predecessors, introducing enhanced mechanics, improved graphics and realistic…

18. Amateur Surgeon 2

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Amateur Surgeon 2 is Single-player Simulation developed and published by Adult Swim for the Browser. The game offers an addictive gameplay and serves as the sequel to Amateur Surgeon video game. It offers an opportunity to the player to become the doctor and get a chance to operate the criminal…

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