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14 Games Like Superfight

Superfight offers a mix of Card, Strategy, Comedy, and Fighting game elements created and published by Pipeworks Studios for Microsoft Windows. The game pits players against each other in challenging battles of real wit. There is only a way to win is to make the compelling argument about the tough questions about life, including who would win the battle between a drunk Ninja and Abraham Lincoln. Before starting the game, the player needs to grab a microphone, partake or build a game with up to four players, and let the votes to decide. During the gameplay, he needs to create his fighter using the character cards, including Shark, Zombie, etc. and attribute card like a Chainsaw, Super Speed, and more. During a turn, the player needs to make his case to a set of friends. The game usually deals with Play, Vote, Argue, Watch, Gather, Unlock, and other elements. Superfight includes core features such as Expand your Card Count, Link your account to Twitch, Watch and Vote for Winners, over 500 additional Cards, and more.

2. GiftTRAP

GiftTRAP is a Party, Card and Board Game developed by GiftTrap Enterprises. GiftTRAP is the best game for those who are looking for games like Card against Humanity and Apples to Apples. The game consists of a series of levels, and each round offers several steps such as Deal, Shop,…

3. Say Anything

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Say Anything is a Party and Card game published by North Star Games. It offers the similar gameplay like Card against Humanity and Apples to Apples. The game rules are very simple, the first player picks a card and asks a question to another player, while another player picked a…

5. Crappy Birthday

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Crappy Birthday is a wonderful Car, and Party game about pranking your fellows with prizes they don’t like. There are over two hundred hilarious gifts in the game and offers easy gameplay. The game is having lots of a good time, laughing and talking for everyone. The game is much…

6. Awkward Turtle

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Awkward Turtle is a Card, Board and Multiplayer Word video game created by Frost Applications. The game combines the element of party and puzzle and available to play on Android. Take a chance to immersive yourself in a conversation without knowing what to say next. It revolves around two teams,…

7. Cards against Everyone

Android Amazon
Cards against Everyone Card game developed by Gheeroppa available to play on Android. Cards against Humanity inspires the game, and it introduces over two thousand different cards on your phone. Create the funniest sentence in your style and try to defeat your fellows. Every player receives at least ten cards…

8. Cards against Proximity

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Cards against Proximity is a Card, Question and Answer and Multiplayer video game that you can play against your fellows. The game is available to on play on Android and iOS developed and published by Rogan Josh. Connect through your wifi connection or waiting for other players to start the…

9. Black Cards

iOS Amazon
Black Cards offers the similar gameplay to Cards against Humanity and Apples to Apples available to play on iOS platform only. The game combines the elements of Card and Board game developed by Brandon Abbott. The game is loaded with more than seven hundred new question cards. Create a card…

10. Phase 10

Android Amazon
Phase 10 is a Puzzle, Card, Single and Multiplayer video game for Android platform developed and published by Magmic Inc. The game offers exciting gameplay that you never played before. It introduces new exotic locations and lets you a chance to play up to three different friends in Multiplayer mode.…

14. Quiplash

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Quiplash is a Party, Strategy, Trivia and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Jackbox Games, Inc. for multiple platforms. The game offers an exciting gameplay played between three to eight players. It focuses on gut-busting battle of wittiness and wits. The player can play with his family members and…

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