Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo


Games Like Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo for iOS

#1 Adventures of Pip


Adventures of Pip takes the players to a beautiful world of Low and High-Resolution beings and offers a fantastic combination of 2D Side-scrolling and Action-Platform elements. Released back in the mid of 2015, Adventures of Pip is available to play on multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and iOS. According to the storyline, an unknown Evil turns the kingdom upside down, turns the King and Queen into Pixels and Abducts Princess Adeline. Pip gets selected to rescue the princess and to eliminate the evil of Queen DeRezzia. The player gets to be the Mighty Pip, a single Pixel that goes on an epic adventure of saving the Damsel in Distress. While going through the 2D Low and High-resolution environments, player’s tasks are to defeat the enemies, pick up upgrades and evolve into an 8 and 16-bit Hero gradually. Keep on switching between the evolution to gain more power and to complete various levels of the game. Keep in mind that the Pip can walk, jump, run, float, break blocks and collect loads o fantastic upgrades, so don’t rely on one or two abilities. Keep on pursuing the bad guys and finally, reach the end, defeat the Evil Queen DeRezzia and free the Princess from her Clutches.