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Super Poco World

Super Poco World is an Adventure, Side-scroll, and Single-player Platform video game developed by Osa for Android and iOS. The game takes the player on an exciting trip back to the memories of the golden era. It is heavily based on retro games from the times when the player was a child… read more
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12 Games Like Super Poco World


1. Woody Poco

Woody Poco is a Japanese, Action Role-playing, 2D Platform, and Single-player video game created and published by dB-Soft. The game is played from a side-scroll perspective, offering the similar gameplay to Mystical Ninja. There is a beautiful cast of characters such as Poco (wooden doll who is a hero of humans), a Girl (unnamed female protagonist), and more. In the game, the player commands the main character named Poco who lived in harmony with humans for several years. For Poco, the adventure is to locate the fairy who teaches people to get back to being friendly with dolls. During the gameplay, the player encounters enemies through the game are strange creatures with unique behavior. The player can attack enemies by using his fists and can steal the items in the store. But after stealing items, the player is capable of changing the appearance of the character. During the journey, the player can equip one hand with a weapon while another hand with a passive tool, including lamp. Woody Poco offers engaging gameplay, old-school graphics, and amazing sound effects.


2. Tokyo 42

Tokyo 42 is a Cyberpunk, Action-Adventure, Isometric Perspective, Single-player and Multiplayer video game created by SMAC Games and published by Mode 7 for Microsoft Windows. The game offers the hyper-stylish shooter gameplay, in which the player as the protagonist is framed for a brutal murder that he didn’t commit. The player will delve into the strange world full of assassins, vicious corporate intrigue and tactical cats. In the game, the player can spin the perspective to discover every angle of the hand-crafted small Tokyo, as the player find a massive range of weaponry, stories, and secrets. There are a set of challenging missions, and the player must deal with enemies, objectives, and challenges in each mission to advance through the game. The open world environment awaits the player to explore and use a set of weapons to kill enemies and find the person who is responsible for the murder in which the player was framed. Tokyo 42 offers key features such as 3D Environment, Sneaky Stealth Gameplay, Crowd Simulation, Bullet Physics, Skilfull Shooting, and more. Check it out, and have fun.


3. Abobo’s Big Adventure

Abobo’s Big Adventure is a Side-scroll, Beat ‘em up, Single-player and Multiplayer Fighting video game created by I-Mockery. The game introduces Abobo, the boss character from the Double Dragon franchise, traversing through the environments of several games to rescue his son. The main objective of the player as Abobo is to advance through a set of levels. The game is divided into eight different sub-games that revolve around one another, and each acts as a homage to the specific game such as Double Drabobo, Urban Chabobo, Super Mabobo, Balloon Abobo, and more. In the game, the player has a range meter that increases when the player hits enemies and decreases when receives hit. The story follows the kidnapping of a boy, who is the son of Abobo. Most of the game’s levels are linear, introducing several nods to other NES properties with their foes and layout. The game rewards with points to the player and increases the level difficulty.


4. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is a 2004 Action-Adventure, Top-down, and Single-player video game takes place in an Open World environment, developed by Digital Eclipse and published by Rockstar Games. The game is also referred to as GTA Advance and is played from a top-down perspective. The viewpoint of the game was found in first two titles in the series such as Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2, but vehicle-based missions, top-down display, and the major section of the weapons were also included. It takes place in the Liberty City, the fictional town that occurred in Grand Theft Auto III in the year 2000. The plot follows the protagonist named Mike, a small criminal, working his way for the more connected Vinnie. The protagonist is reconsidering to leave the city with Vinnie and retire from his life of crime. There are a set of missions, and the player needs to accomplish each one to advance through the game to become the master. Grand Theft Auto includes prominent features such as Top-down Action, Exploration, Open Environment, Vehicle-based Side-Missions, and more.


5. Grand Theft Auto: London 1961

Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 is a 2nd Expansion Pack for Action-Adventure video game Grand Theft Auto video game for Windows, published by Rockstar Games, Inc. The DLC packs require GTA: London 1969 to run and it comes with new content, including new missions, a new cutscene, twenty-two new vehicles, and a new multiplayer deathmatch map focused on Manchester. The player steps into the shoes of the protagonist with an aim to partake in criminal activities and struggle to complete a set of missions on an open map either by vehicle or on foot. During the gameplay, the player can drive several cars and kill pedestrians to earn money. Each completed mission grant the player money, and the player can use cash to unlock further content. Different types of weapons are also available for the player to use when needed in battle. The player starts the game with the easy mission, but objectives gradually increase their difficulty as the player advances. The exploration takes place from a top-down viewpoint, and the player can interact with non-player characters for further information.


6. Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 is a Downloadable Content Pack for Action-Adventure and Single-player video game Grand Theft Auto, developed by Rockstar Canada and published by Rockstar Games, Inc. The DLC pack comes with a set of new missions, in which the player will face off several new challenges. Instead of the fictional Los Angeles, Miami, and New York of the original title, the game introduces the city of London to the player. It features thirty new vehicles, thirty-two new missions, and new graphics, all in British theme. The new city comprises familiar landmarks from the fictional London in the late 60s. Now, the player is capable of selecting the appearance of his character to involve in organized crime. During the gameplay, the player needs to do a set of criminal activities in order to earn cash and advance through the game. The game uses the top-down perspective, and the player can explore the environment from either on foot or by vehicle. Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 includes prominent features, new content, addictive gameplay, and more.


7. River City Ransom

River City Ransom offers the combination of Open World, Action Role-playing, and Beat ‘em up elements developed by Technos Japan and published by Arc System Works. Both modes such as Multiplayer and Single-player are available to select and play. The game is the 3rd installment in the series of Kunio-Kun, released for consoles. Like the previous games, this title underwent several modifications in its story and graphics during it localization to make the game more portable. The storyline of the game revolves around high school students named Ryan and Alex, as they cross River City in order to save River City High and the girlfriend of Ryan named Cyndi from the clutches of a villain known as Stick. During the journey, they fight against gangs of students and several bosses. The premise of the game is Beat ‘em up, and it is mixed with role-playing action elements. It offers the non-linear gameplay, enabling the player to navigate an open world, in a sandbox manner. The fighting style of the game is similar to Double Dragon video game, in that the player moves freely across the screen while hitting the button to punch, jump, or kick.


8. Takeshi no Chousenjou

Takeshi no Chousenjou is a Platform and Single-player video game created and published by Taito Corporation. The game revolves around Japanese Action-Adventure elements and offers the fantastic gameplay, where the player can wander the streets and buildings of Tokyo where the game is set, as the protagonist, and later the islands of the South Pacific. Different shop-owners and people can be interacted with the player and frequently attacked if the player wants. The game incorporated several of its controversial and unique ideas. The player beat up a yakuza gangster to take money of him to exchange for prizes. During gameplay, the player uses a hang-glider to fly over into the strange environment known as the Red Country. He can gain access to the land if the player passes over the four different islands using the hand glider, but the massive mountain blocks the way of the player into the area and the player will be forced to crash. Takeshi no Chousenjou includes exciting gameplay, old-school graphics, and cool soundtracks.


9. Shakedown: Hawaii

Shakedown: Hawaii is a Pixel Graphics, Action-Adventure, Retro-style, Top-down, and Single-player video game, offering the similar gameplay to Grand Theft Auto (2004), developed and published by Vblank Entertainment, Inc. The game offers the open world environment and the player steps into the protagonist’s role with an aim to explore the world from a top-down perspective and complete a set of missions to advance. It parodies huge corporation, white collar crimes and more. As the protagonist, the player can move across the environment, use a set of weapons to face rivals and smash them to earn money which can be used to unlock further content. The game comes with increasingly difficult, and the player will face challenging enemies upon reaching higher levels. During gameplay, the player interacts with other characters and pick power-ups to increase the shooting ability. The player is tasked to create a legitimate corporation via open world missions, shakedown, sabotage, and more. With prominent features, top-down action, open missions, and original soundtracks, Shakedown: Hawaii is one of the best games as compared to other of the same genres.


10. Retro City Rampage

Retro City Rampage deals with Action-Adventure, and Open World gameplay elements developed and published by Vblank Entertainment. The game serves as the parody of retro video games and 80s and 90s pop culture, as well as offering the similar gameplay to Grand Theft Auto. It takes place in the city of Theftropolis in 1985 and the player steps into the role of the protagonist, a thug, who is hired as a henchman of a huge crime syndicated controlled by Jester. After three years, during the bank heist which is gone wrong, the player runs into the time travelling telephone booth, which he then steals from its boss. As the story of the game proceeds, the telephone booth flings the player forward an indeterminate set of time to the year 20XX. Upon reaching, the telephone both breaks down and a man appears named Doc Choc in his own time travelling vehicle and saves the player. Now, the player has to gather the rare parts required to repair the telephone time booth with Doc Choc, while discovering several 80s video games.


11. Super Cats

Super Cats is an Action, Shooting, Single-player and Multiplayer video game created and released by Happy Universe Studios. The game places you in the beautiful world full of challenges, enemies, and epic heroes. If you want to become a hero, then you should choose your favorite character, partake in competition and release attack against enemies to claim your rewards. The game lets you experience a new recreational real-time competitive mobile gameplay with many anthropomorphic cats. The Multiplayer mode lets you play with buddies and start exciting and intense matches. During the gameplay, you will enjoy an unexpected excitement with procedurally generated maps and excellent game modes. While playing the game, you need to unlock mighty cats and conquer the battles with amazing teammates experience from all across the world. A fast-paced shooting game will let you reveal your skills and impress your buddies. Super Cats includes core features such as Multiple Skill Sets, Random Maps, Fast-paced Gameplay, Team up with Friends, and more.


12. Rampage World Tour

Rampage World Tour is a Single-player and Multiplayer Action video game with Beat ‘em up and Side-scroll perspective, developed by Game Refuge Inc. and published by Midway Games. The game serves as the 2nd installment in the series of Rampage and it comes with several modifications and many improvements. The story revolves around George, Ralph, and Lizzie who have been released due to a massive explosion at a scum labs facility. However, the trio start to smash all the bases of Scum labs scattered over the course of the world and murder its employees. In the final stages, the CEO of the Lan named Eustace DeMonic transforms himself into a vicious monster in an attempt to battle against these three characters, but is taken down during a fight on a lunar base. After that, Dr. Elizabeth Veronica struggles to disintegrate the monsters with a set of weapons equipped with her spaceship. The ultimate objective in each stage is to smash all the buildings in each city while preventing or destroying the military forces. With cool gameplay, awesome soundtracks, and brilliant graphics, Rampage World Tour is a wonderful game to play.

More About Super Poco World

Super Poco World is an Adventure, Side-scroll, and Single-player Platform video game developed by Osa for Android and iOS. The game takes the player on an exciting trip back to the memories of the golden era. It is heavily based on retro games from the times when the player was a child. There are lots of fun-filled levels, and each level comes with a typical task that the player needs to complete at any cost. Like the Super Mario Bros., the player moves his small from a side-scroll view, and he aims to reach the end of each stage to move to the next one. To complete each level, the player has limited time, and in that time, the player must kill all enemies and gather all items to save the princess from trouble. The game increases the difficulty levels as the player learn how to play the game. Super Poco World includes prominent features such as Collect Coins, Fantastic Music, lots of Levels, Couple of Worlds, and more.