Super Galdelic Hour


Games Like Super Galdelic Hour for Xbox 360

#1 Family Feud


Family Feud is a Party, Puzzle and Trivia video game created by Ludia and published by Global Star. The game is available to play on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. It features hundreds of exciting questions around the globe consists of sports, politics, entertainment and movies. It lets you a chance to play real people across the world, select your teammate and start your game. Your ultimate task is to given the right answer to the question, asking by the host within a time limit and engage yourself in new live gameplay experience. Perform your best, score the best points and defeat other teams to collect rewards and bonus prizes. The game revolves around a popular TV show having the same, in which two different families are playing against each other in a superb contest to answer a set of questions for the survey. The game rewards the team with the bomber prize, who wins the match by defeating the team. With superb gameplay, impressive mechanics, and wonderful visuals, Family Feud is the best game to play and enjoy.