Super Cane Magic ZERO: Legend of the Cane Cane Alternatives


Super Cane Magic ZERO: Legend of the Cane Cane

Super Cane Magic ZERO: Legend of the Cane Cane is a Role-playing, Action, Single-player and Co-op video game developed by Studio Evil and published by Intragames Co., Ltd. The story starts with Cake the Wizard who is dead and his Magic Dog is out of control… read more
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17 Games Like Super Cane Magic ZERO: Legend of the Cane Cane


1. Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure combines the elements of Sports, Action, Local Co-op, and Action video game developed by Game Swing and published by Curve Digital. The story revolves around the world popular stikbold athletes named Jerome and Bjorn. Select your character and team-up with dodgeball friend in battle and fight against opponents to get rewards. The game features a story mode that lets you play as a solo or with your buddy in co-op. It has a variety of unique levels offers different gameplay and mechanics. The ultimate task is to knock out other players using your abilities, and teamwork and stay in the game to get amazing prizes. Gain enough points and unlock lots of playable dodgeball. There is a funky 70’s disco sound that you enjoy during the gameplay. The game offers the similar gameplay like Gang Beasts, but mechanics are quite different and have worth check out.


2. Astro Duel

Astro Duel is an Action, Space Combat video game for two to four players. The game offers space environments and consists of thirteen different dynamic levels and includes lots of hidden places and hazards. IT has three different modes such as Pilot Hunter, Ship Hunter, and Team Deathmatch. Select your character and dive into the game world where you have to fight against your opponents, using shooting, and other abilities take down them and win the level. The game rewards you with massive rewards as you defeat your rival opponents and can use them to enhance your abilities, and unlock upgrades. It offers the similar gameplay like Gang Beasts, but the environment and mechanics are quite different. Avoid hurdles, opponent attack, black holes, and death beam. You can play either with a keyboard or four game controllers. The ship is equipped with lasers, missiles, shields and jousters. It offers core features such as 13 Dynamic Arenas, different Modes, Devastating Power-ups, and more. Try it out.


3. Assassins vs Pirates

Assassins vs Pirates is an Action, Multiplayer, Pirates, Side-scroll, and Fighting video game created and published by Deadbit. The game introduces co-op modes and lets the player play against his fellows and fulfill his thirst for revenge in wild battle. It offers fast-paced gameplay and includes lots of characters. To get into the game world, the player has to select his character from Assassin or pirates and start against fellows. Use the combination of weapons, fighting, and jumping eliminates the fellows the get amazing rewards. After gaining experience, the player can unlock further characters, levels, and environments. Tons of items are available for the player to kill, distract and escape his foes. Assassins vs Pirates offers the similar gameplay like Gang Beasts with addictive features such as Hand-painted Graphics, Unique Levels, Focuses on Fighting, smooth Controls, Climb any Structure, and more.


4. Swordy

Swordy is an Adventure, Beat ‘em up, and Fighting video game with Physics-based action and offers similar gameplay like Gang Beasts. The game takes place in the ruined Empire and includes a massive amount of weapons that you can use against your friends in co-op to satisfy your hunger for revenge in wild battle. To defeat your opponents, you have to master the weapons and use the time to battle for your life in the brutal world where your fellows want to eliminate you using deadly weapons. The ultimate task is to survive as long as possible, throw opponents out of the platform and dominate the battle. There are lots of characters, and you can select one of them to start playing the game. Each character has its unique personality. It has a set of levels, and each level is challenging as compared to last one. Collect coins and unlock further content in the game. If you are looking for games like Gang Beats, Swordy must suit you check out.


5. Overcooked

Overcooked is a Casual, Single and Multiplayer Simulation created by Ghost Town Games and published by Team 17. The game focuses on local co-op elements and lets the player control a chef in the kitchen full of challenging hazards and obstacles to cook delicious meals to specific orders within a limited time. The player can play with his fellows and can complete the complicated task with the assists of each other. The game rewards the player with coins as the task completed within time and gains bonus points for speed. The ultimate objective is to collect as many as possible coins to enhance the rank. The three-star system introduces in the game, and the player is ranked on some his coins that he got. Overcooked includes new vehicles, chefs, levels and recipes to play and enjoy. Overcooked offers key features such as Simple Controls, different ways to play, Deep Challenges, Quests, and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.


6. BombSquad

BombSquad is an Action, Single and Multiplayer Party video game developed by Eric Froemling. The game includes different characters such as insane chefs, ninjas, pirates, barbarians, etc. and focuses on fast-paced, explosions, 8-player co-op, and physics-based elements. It supports touch screens and lets you select your character and involve yourself in an epic battle against fellows to satisfy your hunger for revenge in wild battle. Use different weapons and bombs to blow up your buddies and earn points to rank-up. The game offers the similar gameplay to Gang Beasts with the same task to eliminate your friend from the round. Use your wits and dominate the battle. There are a series of levels, and each level represents different gameplay and environment. Gain points and use them to customize your character and unlock power-ups to enhance the ability of your character. Immerse yourself in mini-games experience and show off your abilities to your friends. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, and brilliant touch controls, BombSquad is the best game to play and enjoy.


7. Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is an Action and Fighting video game created by the Top Tier developer Blue Mammoth Games. Because of being an amazingly engaging 2D-Platform Fighter game, Brawlhalla allows you to be a Bad-ass Warrior and go fight against the others equally capable warriors and fighters like yourself, defeat the hardcore fighters in epic duels/combats and enjoy an immersive game-play experience. As shows the name, Brawlhalla is all about epic Brawls and hardcore Fighting Action. Brawlhalla basically consists of a huge Fighting Tournament in which you task is to engage yourself into epic brawls and fighting matches in order to defeat a number of hardcore fighters to earn the reputation, rewards and pleasure at the same time. The game offers nice and simple controls, amazing and special combinations of skills with just one additional button and allows you to enjoy Super Smash Bros inspired mechanics. With brilliant visuals, amazingly addictive game-play and all the wonderful stuff, Brawlhalla is a cool Action and Fighting video game to play. You’ll definitely enjoy playing it.


8. TowerFall Ascension

TowerFall Ascension is one of the best games of this specific genre. This brilliant Action, Fighting, Archery and Combat masterpiece allows you to enjoy a game-play inspired by the classics and takes you to a whole new level of entertainment plus the quality gaming. TowerFall Ascension lets you engage yourself in epic Duels and Versus matches, use your abilities and special skills to defeat your enemies/opponents and master all the techniques of the pros. TowerFall Ascension offers insane amounts of treasures to loot, loads of power-ups, and abilities to catch the arrows mid-air while fighting with the enemies, monsters and other players. With Co-Op quests, and Multiplayer Support, TowerFall Ascension offers over 120 unique game maps, 50 hardcore battles, cool power-ups, 4 main and more unlockable player characters, loads of new stuff to discover and an immersive game-play to enjoy.


9. Super Smash Bros Melee

Super Smash Bros Melee is another great Action and Crossover Fighting video game released back in 2002. The game is one of the best in Action and Fighting genre and because of being an amazing Action and Fighting video game, it is still doing well in the market. Super Smash Bros Melee features characters from a number of Nintendo-based games such as The legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokémon and Star Fox etc. and allows you to enjoy the best ever combination of wonderful characters, Action, Fighting and RPG elements. As mentioned in the title, Super Smash Bros Melee offers Melee based encounters with your opponents and allows you to fight in epic Duels and team-based matches, knockout your rivals out and win the rounds. Every won round rewards you with upgrades, and other rewards such as new unlockable characters, skills and abilities etc. With Multiplayer Mode, amazing fighting tournaments, intense encounters and a brilliantly engaging game-play, Super Smash Bros Melee offers wonderful visuals and all the good stuff to enjoy. Do try it out.


10. Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is a 2D Action-Adventure, RPG, Hack and Slash and Beat ‘em’ Up video game by The Behemoth. The game is set in a Fictitious Medieval Era Kingdom and lets you be the Ultimate Savior who frees the Kidnapped Princesses and kills the Evil Magician by the use of his bravery, Sword and intuition. The game takes place in a fictional Medieval Era in a Medieval Universe and it kicks off with the Four brave Knights attending a party, in King’s massive Castle where the evil dark Wizard arrives and steals the Mystical Gem and kidnaps the Princess. As the most Brave and courageous beings, The Kings sends the Knights to rescue the Princess and to retrieve the Gem. According to the storyline, your ultimate goal is to find and defeat the Dark Wizard along with his minions and monster legions. Now in order to complete the game objectives, you must gather your team, go hunt down the bizarre and brutal Cyclops, a strange cat-fish and all the aliens. With a very involving story, epic gameplay, loads of enemies and all the monster fighting fun, Castle Crashers is one amazing Action-RPG video game to play and enjoy.


11. Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara

Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara offers a super-fast-paced 2D Run and Gun Style Sword Fighting game-play in which you as a Warrior have to go on slaying your enemies while going through a Side-Scrolling environment. A number of mythical beasts and Monsters, the game lets you use a number of weapons against the epic enemies and eliminate them in amazing Melee Combats. With a multiplayer Co-op support, Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara lets you enjoy a Classic Arcade Style game-play, challenge your enemies in a competitive environment and defeat them to be glorious warrior. With a number of character selection and customization options, brilliant visuals and an addictive game-play, Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara is a cool game to play. Do Try it out.


12. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is an Action, Shooting, Online and Multiplayer video game by Appsomniacs LLC. The game takes place in different locations and lets the player get into the role of the character and complete a variety of levels. The character is wilds with dual weapons and he can use melee weapons and attacks to take down his enemies. The player has to select or create his avatar and dive into battle to dominate it. It has two different modes such as Survival and Co-op. There are the massive variety of weapons, levels, and equipment. Complete each level and immerse himself in multiplayer battle experience. The weapons comprise flamethrower, sniper, and shotgun. The player has to score the highest points and show his abilities and strength by defeating foes. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia offers core features such as Online Multiplayer, Dual Stick Controls, Open Maps, Rocket Boosters, Melee Attacks, Team-based and more. It is the marvelous game to play.


13. Duck Game

Duck Game takes you to the Futuristic Year of 1984 where the Ducks are going Wild for the glory. A huge battle is going on between the Ducks and there is no hope for the ones who fear. You as a Super duck are destined to glorify yourself by defeating and eliminating all the rival ducks. In order to show off your superior skills in Duck Hunting, you are allowed to use amazing weapons such as Shotguns, Mind Controlling Rays, Net Guns, Magnet Guns etc. You must use all of your super fighting and shooting skills or else you’ll get roasted with only one good blow. With an amazing 4 player co-op multiplayer game-play, single player challenging mode, amazing weapons, 50 plus levels of pure awesomeness and an in-built level editor, Duck Game is one of the classics to get engaged in. Try it out and you’ll love every bit of this fast-paced Action, Run and Gun and Side-Scrolling video game.


14. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is an addictive, Side-scroll, Beat’em up, Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Ubisoft. It is inspired by the film of the same name. The game takes place in the fictional world and includes different characters such as Scott Pilgrim, Stephen Stills, Kim Pine and more. It lets you select your character and dive into the game world where you have to fight against enemies in seven levels and defeat seven evil exes of Ramona. Each character has its unique power, fighting styles and abilities. Use heart and gut points to perform special moves and get your energy back by collecting power-ups. You can earn coins by defeating your foes and can use them to buy health and boost stats. As you level-up, the game will unlock a new character with special powers. It has two different modes such as Survival Horror Mode and Boss Rush mode. Invite your friend to play with you and enjoy multiplayer mode. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World includes prominent features such as various Characters, a set of Levels, Superb Mechanics, Smooth Controls, and more. It is the best game as compared to other Beat’em up games.


15. Lethal League

Lethal League takes you to a totally new and one of its kind Action and Fighting experience that offers unique brawling elements. It allows you to pick up some sports equipment (baseball bats, Footballs etc.) and go smashing the balls into your opponent’s faces. With a totally unique game-play, Lethal League lets you engage in a competitive environment where you have to survive in order to win the game. The core game-play forces you to hit a Gravity-Ball as hard as you can, smash it into your rival’s face, if it comes back, hit it again. With every hit, the ball speeds up and if it strikes your target, you get more score. Lethal League offer both single and multiplayer modes and allows you to play with your friends or foes in multiplayer mode or play single-player against the AIs and enjoy. With casual street-style characters, single and multiplayer support, fantastic game-play and great visuals, Lethal League is a brilliant Action and Fighting game to play.


16. Double Dragon

Double Dragon is an Action, Arcade, Beat’em up, Single and Multiplayer video game series created and published by Technos Japan. The game focuses on martial arts and includes different characters each with its unique playing style. The story of the game revolves around between two protagonist named Jimmy Lee and Billy and their efforts to fight against various foes and their gangs. It has a set of stages filled with challenges foes and different tasks. It allows the player to select his character and jump into the game world, where he has to fight against enemies, collect power-ups, and defeat rivals. Each character can use a punch, kick, and object to defeat enemies. The player can pick up different objects such as a stick, hammer, and other tools to use. Face deadly boss at the end of each level and must defeat it to level-up. The game offers an opportunity to show your fighting style and impress your friend. With good graphics, addictive gameplay, and brilliant story, Double Dragon is the wonderful series to play and enjoy.


17. Final Fight

Final Fight combines the elements of Arcade, Side-scroll, and Combat. It is a massive series of Beat’em up video game developed and published by Capcom. The first game of the series was released in 1989 named Final Fight. It offers different characters to select such as Mike Haggar, Guy, Maki Genryusai, Cody Travers, Jessica Haggar, and Carlos Miyamoto. Each game has a set of levels and offers different foes, gangs, and bosses. In the beginning, you can pick your character to jump into the game world. Each character has its unique abilities and playing style. Your character can run, jump, punch and can use melee weapons to kill his enemies. Explore the game world, fighting against hordes of enemies, defeat them using melee weapons and earn points. Maintain your health bar and collect power-ups to restore your health as go far in each level. Your main goal is to save the princess from the custody of the rivals. Pick a chance to become a hero and show your fighting skills. The series offers the mixture of different games such as Final Fight, Final Fight 2, Final Fight 3, Mighty Final Fight, and more. With detailed environment, addictive gameplay, and exciting story, Final Fight is the wonderful series to play and enjoy.

More About Super Cane Magic ZERO: Legend of the Cane Cane

Super Cane Magic ZERO: Legend of the Cane Cane is a Role-playing, Action, Single-player and Co-op video game developed by Studio Evil and published by Intragames Co., Ltd. The story starts with Cake the Wizard who is dead and his Magic Dog is out of control. The world is in danger and needs someone who could save it from being destroyed. Everyone looking toward you and asking for their help. Do you have enough guts to rescue the Dog while struggling to restore the peace? In the game, you have to venture the rocky hills, confront angry people and stop them from spreading chaos. The game lets you explore the crazy storyline and discover mad characters. Challenge the friends in 8-player multiplayer arenas and dominate the matches to earn in-game currencies. There are fifteen playable characters, and each comes with unique, crazy characters. Super Cane Magic ZERO: Legend of the Cane Cane includes exciting features such as Explore the World, Loot Hundreds of Unique Items, Multiplayer Arenas, 8-player Multiplayer Mode, Find a Balanced Diet, and more.