Stylish Sprint


Games Like Stylish Sprint for PS3

#1 Limbo


Limbo is an award winning Puzzle-Platform and Action-Adventure video game by PlayDead. The game offers wonderfully immersive game-play and lets you enjoy a Side-Scrolling marvel in which your task is to be a little kid, travel through a dark jungle, solve a number of puzzles in order to carry on your way and defeat some nasty monsters to survive. Huge Spiders, Bear Traps, Dark passages, machine enemies and anti-gravity guns are some of the obstacles that you are destined to go through, remain on your course and get out of this God-forsaken world and eventually find your missing sister. With a mesmerizing and amazing environment, brilliant visuals and an addictive and challenging game-play, Limbo is quite fun to play.


#2 Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee


Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is a Side-scroll, Platform, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Oddworld Inhabitants and published by GT Interactive Software. It takes place in the two-dimensional world, in which you can assume the role of the protagonist named as Abe, who must traverse across the globe to solve mind-bending puzzles, navigate the obstacles, and avoid enemies. The story revolves around the protagonist, who is a slave at the meat processing factory named as RuptureFarms. The protagonist decides to escape when he discovers that he and his friends are to be killed. The task of the player is to explore the land and save as many people as possible to score the points. The player will die if attacked by an enemy, dropped from a height, collided with an obstacle, or even hold a grenade for a long time. The game mixes a limited stealth element and lets the player avoid the enemy attack, and slay them to progress through the storyline. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee includes core features such as Side-scrolling Action, Save the Mudokons, and more. With excellent mechanics, brilliant graphics, and smooth controls, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is the best game to play.


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