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8 Games Like Steve the Sheriff

Steve the Sheriff is an Adventure, Hidden Object, and Single-player Puzzle video game developed and published by Big Fish Games for multiple platforms. The game takes place in the stunning environment, where you must help the protagonist named as the Sheriff to find out the missing treasure to progress. During the gameplay, you can explore the land and can interact with non-player characters to unearth the locations of Neptuneville and discover stolen artifacts to restore the peace with exciting mini-games. There are various levels available, and you have limited time to complete each level. In the specific time, you have to find the listed items to fulfil the requirements and score the points. Other levels will be unlocked with more difficulty as you advances through the game. It features thrilling Mini-games and lets you earn as many points as possible and challenge friends to beat your record. Steve the Sheriff includes prominent features such as Undersea Mystery, Mini-Games, Uncover Hidden Objects and more.

4. Dark Manor

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Dark Manor is a Hidden Object, Puzzle and Single-player video game developed by Big Fish Games for Microsoft Windows. The game lets you a chance to become a detective, explore the haunted manor, interact with objects and environment to find the hidden objects and uncover the dark secrets. At the…

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