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Games Like Starflight for Linux

Starflight developed by Binary Systems and published by Electronic Arts is a Role-playing, Adventure and Single-player video game. The game is about exploration, adventure, and space and it takes place in the futuristic year 4620. It casts the player in the role of the protagonist, a captain who is sent on an epic adventure to explore the massive galaxy. It uses old-school graphics and features eight space fearing races, five of which can be used as the part of the crew of the player. There are lots of challenging tasks, and the main objective of the player is to explore the space environment, fight enemies and score the points to unlock further content. The game starts on the fictional planet called Arth, a place for survivors. Due to radiation, the people are forced to live beneath the crust of the planet for centuries. In the game, the player needs to explore the solar systems, find clues, discover rare artifacts, and the enemy species before they destroy his homeland. Starflight offers prominent features such as a variety of Levels, Exploration, Space Fearing Races, etc. Try it out, and have fun.

1. Descent: Underground

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Descent: Underground developed and published by Descendent Studios is an Action-Adventure and First-person Shooter video game with Shoot-em-up elements for multiple platforms. The game has both Single and Multiplayer modes and takes place in the thrilling sci-fi space environment. It follows dogfight between fighter airship deserves six degrees of freedom.…

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