62 Games Like Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a brand new Role-playing Farming Simulation by Chucklefish Games. The game offers a Harvest Moon series inspired gameplay and mechanics and allows the players to control a virtual character who inherits a piece of Land and a house from his grandfather. Set in the Stardew Valley, the game tasks the player to clear-up the Plot, throw away the boulders, cut down the bushes and excess trees, and rebuild the farm from scratch. The secondary task of the game is to grow crops, raise livestock and generate revenue by selling the products. Once there is enough money in hand, buy more land and expand the farm, construct new buildings and facilities. The NPCs in the game are there as well, and the social element of the game allows the players to interact with them, engage in relationships, raise families, help them in farm related matters and get help from them, etc. Fishing, Cooking, Crafting various items and Exploration are among the most prominent features of Stardew Valley. Stardew Valley offers a procedurally generated game world, beautiful 3D graphics, cool mechanics and a great backstory that keeps players engaged till the end. With a spectacular game setting, loads of other fantastic options, plenty of room for the gameplay and loads to discover, Stardew Valley is a great Farming Simulation to enjoy.

3. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a wonderful Community-based Simulation developed by Nintendo. The game lest you be a human character who lives into a village filled with Anthropomorphic Animals and is bound to carry out daily chores and other cool activities like fishing, managing the Anthropomorphic Animals and Bug Catching etc. The…

6. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf, a sequel to the series Animal Crossing is a community simulation and strategy game developed and published by Nintendo EAD Group. In the game player lives in a world with a lot of Anthropomorphic Animals (Human-like Animals). The player manages the daily life events and happenings…

7. Castaway Paradise

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Castaway Paradise allows you to have an amazing Viva Piñata like gaming experience while living on a beautiful Tropical Island. You are able to help the residents of the island in fishing, crafting, building and exploring the island, gathering resources, etc. After the character selection and customization, you’ll have to…

14. Animal Crossing: Wild World

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Animal Crossing: Wild World takes place in a remote village filled with cute animals developed and published by Nintendo EAD. The game encouraged the player to perform a number of tasks such as planting and gathering. It combines the elements of Management, Social, and Simulation and lets the player get…

17. Farming Simulator 17

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Farming Simulator 17 is a mix of Open World, Driving, Management, Economy and Farming Simulation elements developed by Giant Software and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game has both Single and Multiplayer modes and revolves around the female protagonist. It lets you immerse yourself in a massive environment equipped…

22. My Farm Life 2

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My Farm Life 2 is the sequel to the famous My Farm Life that allows you to experience an amazing and quite engaging farming simulation. The game provides with over a 100 exciting levels, difficulties and a lot of achievements to get yourself instated with by completing different game objectives…

24. Farmville 2

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Farmville 2 is a wonderful Farming and Community based Social Network Simulation by Zynga. Similar to a lot of big names such as Happy Farm, Harvest Moon, Farm Town etc, Farmville 2 lets you enjoy a spectacular Building, Farm Management, Social and an Immersive game-play along with sweetest visuals and…

29. Uptasia

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Uptasia is a marvelously well developed free farming simulation that takes you back to the 19th century and presents a beautiful blend of hidden object games and farming simulation. The game lets you establish your own business and economic empire by starting a baked goods business and puts a huge…

33. Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times

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Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times is a cool Fantasy-based Adventure and Life Simulation video game. The game allows you to be a Magic Student, who studies in a top class magic school. Your tasks are to learn different magical spells, tricks, interact with other magic students, make new friends and enjoy…

40. Tradewinds 2

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Tradewinds 2 is an Adventure, Trading, and Single-player Simulation developed by Sandlot Games and published by Astraware. The game takes place in the 19th century and embarks you on an exciting adventure. Explore the stirring world filled with dangers, face pirates, enemies and other creatures, defeat them and loot their…

46. Tradewinds Classics

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Tradewinds Classics is an Action and Single-player video game developed by Sandlot Games and takes you back in time to the land of mystery and danger. The game offers a place where the open waters can mean anything. It occurs in the historical 19th century and puts you in the…

48. John Deere: American Farmer

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John Deere: American Farmer developed by Gabriel Entertainment and published by Destineer Studios is a Farm Construction and Management, and Single-player simulation for Microsoft Windows. The primary goal of the player is to earn money by raising livestock such as dairy cows, beef cattle, and pigs, or by growing vegetables…
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