Star Fox Adventures


Games Like Star Fox Adventures for iOS

#1 Hopiko


Hopiko mixes the Action, Platform and Side-scroll elements created and published by Laser Dog for multiple platforms. It brings a thrilling gameplay, in which an unknown virus called the Nanobyte has infected the entire hardware across the world rendering all systems. According to the story, the character named as the HoPiKo, who ran the games have been stuck and needs your assists to find a way out. It offers fast-paced gameplay and lets you explore the environment and battle against virus to rescue the gaming world. Your primary objective is to jump from platform to platform, exploiting shortcuts, avoid obstacles and fulfill the tasks your way through a series of handcrafted levels. Each level contains up to five stages full of dangers. Each level has its unique difficulty and you must score the highest points and struggle to reach the end of each level to become the master. Hopiko includes prominent features such as Fast and Twist-based Gameplay, Chiptune Soundtracks, Minimal Controls, and more. Try it out.