Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl


Games Like Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl for PS2

#1 Half Life


Half-Life is a Super Thrilling Sci-Fi FPS (First person Shooter) video game by Valve Corporation. This brilliant game is one of the trend setters in FPS genre and it provided with a wonderful FPS series of games that actually ruled over the world. With a huge following and a worldwide acclaim, Half-Life was one of the best game of its time. Sci-Fi and FPS characteristics, great mechanics and an engaging game-play made the players love this game. The game is set in a Remote Desert situated in the City of New Mexico and it takes you to the premises of Black mesa Research Facility, a Secret Complex that resembles greatly to the Area 51. Half Life lets you be a skilled Scientist and a Theoretical Physicist and tells the story of the events and aftermath of a Black Mesa Experiment gone wrong. The Experiment goes horribly wrong and as a result an undefinable Phenomenon happens that opens up portals in the facility and the Aliens swarm down.No your task is to survive by killing the alien enemies at sight because they have no mercy for humans at all. on the other hand HECU (Hazardous Environment Combat Unit) keeps on struggling against the aliens. In order to stop the widespread chaos and panic HECU tries to suppress the matter by confiscating all of the data and Scientists related to the Incident. Freeman gets barred to but soon with the help of fellow scientists he reaches down to the other end of the portal, in the Xen territory in order to eliminate the Nihilanth, who is keeping the portal opened. Half Life offers a strong and fantastic narrative, great story amazing gameplay as well as loads of fantastic perks, cool weapons etc.