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12 Games Like Space Gun

Space Gun is an Arcade, First-person Shooter, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Taito. The game takes place in a space station that has been invaded by hostile creatures. Human crew members are stuck, and the player needs to save them while smashing the alien creatures. It introduces the simulated gore, letting the player shoot limbs off the creatures while their blood splatters appear on the screen. Different types of weapons are available, and the player can find them during exploration. It is set in distance future, where the player controls the protagonist equipped with weapons. It deals with rail shooter elements and the player moves across the world from a first-person viewpoint. The main task of the player is to save as many hostages as possible by removing the alien threat, and escaping the spacecraft. Lots of challenging levels await the player with complex tasks and deadly creatures. With old-scroll graphics, good controls, and epic storyline, Space Gun is a wonderful game to play.

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10. Blasto

Blasto is a Single-player and Third-person Shooter (TPS) video game created by Sony Interactive Entertainment and published by Sony Computer Entertainment America. The game supports single-player mode only, and it deals with both fighting and shooting genres. The player navigates the environment from a third-person perspective and can experience the…

11. Haydee

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Haydee is an Adventure, Puzzle, Third-person Shooter, Platform, and Single-player video game takes place in the 3D environment developed and published by Haydee Interactive. The game offers the old-style Metroidvania mixed with modern-day TPS and platform mechanics. The player steps into the role of Haydee, who is half-human and half-robot…

12. Destination Ares

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Destination Ares is an Adventure, Strategy, Resource Management, and Single-player Space Simulation developed and published by Patrick Scott for Microsoft Windows. The game offers the character customization features, and it comes with strategic gameplay, letting the player test his survival skills in harsh conditions. According to the storyline, a colony…

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