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Games Like Sneak Ops for Android

#1 Greed Corp


Greed Corp developed by W!Games and published by Valcon Games, is a Turn-based Strategy, Single-player and Multiplayer video game for Multiple Platforms. The game involves the strategic battles on the detailed map introducing the land collapsing mechanic. There are four different factions available such as Cartel, Freemen, Empire, and Pirates and the player is capable of selecting one of them to partake in matches of around twenty minutes. The game offers the Single-player Campaign for each faction and rewards the player with credits at the beginning of his turn and through harvesting layers of land. The player can spend his credits on armouries, troops, transporters, cannons, and more. Each faction in the game has its unique attributes and a set of challenges that the player has to complete at any cost while playing the game to advance the story. Built harvesters in the game will destroy the tile they are standing on and in the specific land around them. In the game, when the player harvest too much, the area begins to crumble. 4-player battles, Thirty-six Unlockable Maps, Customization, Achievements, Collapsing Mechanic, etc. are prominent of the game.