Snail Battles


Games Like Snail Battles for PC

#1 One Gun 2 Stickman


One Gun 2 Stickman is an Adventure, Shooter, and Single-player video game developed by for Android and iOS. It is the sequel to the One Gun Stickman and offers the player new features but similar gameplay. Throughout the game, the player controls a stickman where the main goal is to shoot all the foes on the way to gain freedom for the kidnapped cat. In this side-scrolling adventure, the player has to explore a world full of dangers.

The game has random and special skills that will help the player overcome the world’s darkness. The player has to explore beautiful locations on multiple levels in the new universe but be on the chaos as the foes are smarter and can turn the tables at any time. The game has thousands of crazy monsters and horrible cunning bosses to defeat. As the player makes progress, he can get new weapons and upgrade the character.