Skater 3d Simulator


Games Like Skater 3d Simulator for iOS

#1 Skate Space


Skate Space is a Sports, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed by DRSV for mobile platforms. Throughout the game, the player operates a skateboarder whose main mission is to perform stunts using his skateboard through diverse locations. While performing stunts, the player views the character from the third-person perspective.

A joystick placed at the bottom left ensures the character’s movement in all directions, whereas a button at the right side allows him to jump. The player has an undone button to reset the character’s position if he has hit the environmental objects. The player can experience the various tricks of skateboarding in a free mode without any rules or restrictions.


#2 Stickman Skater


Stickman Skater is a Sports, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed by Turbo Chilli for Android. Over the game, the player controls a stickman handling a skateboard through epic ways containing obstacles where the player has to show off his skills. The player has to perform stunts and enhance his skateboard talent.

Easy controls and sticky graphics makes the game interesting and suitable for all ages. In solo mode, the player needs to complete the challenges as he likes, but in the multiplayer mode, the player has to battle with friends for the glory. Two skate control modes let the beginners and advanced players play according to their choice.

#3 Infinite Skater


Infinite Skater is an Action, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed by Space Inch for Android and iOS. Throughout the game, the player plays like a skateboarder, where the main mission is to glide through challenging landscapes. The player comes to meet visual animals on the way that can assist the player.

The player has to pass all the obstacles and complete all the levels. It is an addictive game as the player has not to follow the fighting scenarios. The player can play the game many times, and each time, the challenges are different to ensure the complexity. The player can compete with friends to be on the top of the leaderboard.


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