Robokill 2: Leviathan Five Alternatives for PS Vita


Robokill 2: Leviathan Five

Robokill 2: Leviathan Five is an Action, Top-down Shooter, and Single-player video game takes place in the science-fiction world developed by Rock Solid Games and published by Rock Solid Arcade. The game serves as the sequel to Robokill: Titan Prime, in which the player commands a robot from a top-down view in the space station… read more

7 Games Like Robokill 2: Leviathan Five for PS Vita


1. Crimsonland

Crimsonland is a Superbly Action-Packed, Fast-paced Thriller, RPG and Top-Down Shooter video game by 10Tons LTD. The game takes you to a Futuristic and Sci-Fi world of Crimsonland and allows you to fight against the Hordes of Aliens, Mutants, Giant Spiders and Zombies and assesses your abilities of staying alive in a world where everything wants to kill you. Acording to the storyline, the game spawns you right in the middle of an enemies infested world where they attac you from all directions. Your task is to simply keep your self at a distance from the enemies and continue to fry them, while keeping in view your own health. On every enemy kill, Crimsonland rewards you with experience points and that helps you get to the higher levels of experience. Once you are at the advanced levels of the game, you can have all the fantastic Perks that help you reload faster, shoot faster and react faster. Furthermore the dead enemies keep on dropping the bonus packs that you can pick and have some extra points, temp invulnerability, slow time and kill multiple enemies with one shot etc. Crimsonland offers a number of action packed game modes such as Quest Mode, Rush Mode, Survival Mode and Type ‘o’ Shooter Mode. With an amazing Top-Down perspective, Futuristic weaponry, amazing Quests, Epic Battles, great perks, multiple engaging gaming modes, great visuals and a totally addictive gameplay, Crimsonland is a blast.


2. Dead Nation

Dead Nation is an Action, RPG, Horror Survival and Top-down Shooting video game developed by Housemarque in collaboration with Climax Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game takes place in a fictional game world devastated by a zombie apocalypse. According to your likeness, you can get into the role of a male or a female protagonist. The game features different kinds of zombies with different sets of abilities but only one purpose, kill the protagonist (you). “Doctor Morton” contacts the protagonist and the protagonist sets out to find out the cure to the deadly virus that is converting the human population into the Undead. On his way to pick up patient zero “Douglas Bane”, he reaches to the “Marrow Hospital” and the story takes another turn when hundreds of zombies attack their convoy. The protagonist engages in a long lasting battle by using melee techniques and weapons and different firearms, Picks up the patient zero and flee the scene. Upon reaching to the lab, Doctor Morton perfects the cure and game concludes. Dead Nation is a best Action, RPG and Top-down Shooting video game. Try it out and you’ll definitely like it.


3. Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is an Action, Violent, Top-down, and Single-player Shooter video game developed by Dennaton Games and published by Devolver Digital. The game takes place in the fictional world Miami in 1989 and follows tow protagonists named Biker and Jacket. According to the story, the protagonist receives a calls who instruct them to start operation against the Local Russian Mafia. You can select your character and dive into the game world where you can explore it from top-down perspective with stealth element. As the story progress, the game becomes more challenging violent and you have to face different challenges such as powerful foes, and objectives. The entire game is divided into several chapters and each chapter has a set of several stages. Explore each level, obtain power-ups, score the highest points and unlock further content. Slaughter the members of Russian mafia using different weapons and keep your city clean from them. With breathtaking story, brilliant mechanics, and superb visuals, Hotline Miami is the best game to play and enjoy.


4. Time Recoil

Time Recoil is an Action and Shooter video game played from the top-down perspective developed and published by 10tons Ltd for multiple platforms. The game puts you in the experience of slow motion gunfights and enable you to learn new and special moves to take down enemies in slow time. You takes on the protagonist’s role with a task to kill enemies throughout different levels using your unique moves and a variety of advanced weapons. When time slows down, you corrects you aim to satisfaction of punching and hit enemies to kill. It takes place in the destructive environment and puts you in the experience of slow motion gameplay. Become a hero, save the world from devastation, and go against slow time to immerse yourself in fun-filled activities. Unlock further weapons and tools using your points and enhance your abilities to become the master. It offers a thrilling story based on a mad scientist, trying to use a time based weapon of mass destruction. The ultimate goal is to fend off the mad scientist, destroy the unholy plans in past or lose your future. Awesome game with lots of prominent features, immersive gameplay, and exciting story. You must try it out and have fun.


5. Helldivers

Helldivers is a Top-down Shooter, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game with Shoot ‘em up elements developed by Arrowed Game Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game takes the inspiration from military-themed sci-fi games such as Starship Troopers and Aliens. The environment of the game takes place in the dystopian Universe known as Helldivers, controlled by a managed democracy. In the game, you as the protagonist must learn about the coordination your actions during chaotic combat, to avoid friendly-fire casualties and to complete the task. It offers procedurally generated universe where the team of you must fight against three different enemy species to survive. There are randomly generated missions available where you must complete a series of objectives to progress. Explore the environment from a top-down perspective and use a variety of weapons to take down enemies. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, and incredible graphics, Helldivers is the best game to play.


6. Spy Chameleon

Spy Chameleon is an Action-Adventure, Top-down, and Single-player video game developed and published by Unfinished Pixel for cross-platform. The game comes with challenging arcade-type puzzle gameplay where you as an agent needs to being spotted. There are more than five crazy missions consist of seventy-five levels with increasing difficulty. During the gameplay, you will discover different enemies and mechanics at each level and must accomplish super-secret tasks. In the game, you must take the pics of celebrity with her lover at her bedroom or steal secret formula of the famous cold drink. To survive in the game, you have to observe the moment of the enemies, select safe path and start running to the next piece of the level without being detected. The game looks easy but hard to master. It mixes the reflexes, strategy and timing elements. It has five different enemies each with unique mechanics. Spy Chameleon offers core features such as Change colour with the Environment, Seventy-five Levels, 3 Challenges in Each Level, 5 Enemy Types, and more.


7. OMG HD Zombies!

OMG HD Zombies is an immersive Zombie-themed Shooting video game created by TBC and published by Laughing Jackal for PlayStation Vista. It takes place in the strange environment threatened by zombies who turned most of the population into undead people. The player take on the role of the protagonist, who must struggle to eliminate the waves of zombies to save the remaining citizens. The player equips with a rifle which the player use to kill zombies to score the best points. There are a series of hundred levels, including 20 Prestige levels. The game rewards the player with 12 trophies which the player can use to upgrade his weapon and unlock other levels. It offers five multiple ends, depending on the action and decisions of the players. As the game advances, other levels will be unlocked. OMG HD Zombies includes core features such as 12 Trophies, 100 Levels, 5 Endings, 100 Leaderboards, and more. With addictive gameplay, engaging graphics, and superb controls, OMG HD Zombies is the best game to play.

More About Robokill 2: Leviathan Five

Robokill 2: Leviathan Five is an Action, Top-down Shooter, and Single-player video game takes place in the science-fiction world developed by Rock Solid Games and published by Rock Solid Arcade. The game serves as the sequel to Robokill: Titan Prime, in which the player commands a robot from a top-down view in the space station. There are three episodes and the game in total twelve challenging missions. The primary gameplay is similar to the first release. In the game, the player needs to make his way through attached rooms and then struggle to clear all of them as robots and other creatures threaten them. When the enemy is killed in the game, the money is provided to purchase an upgrade and other weapons. Several guns need a minimum experience level to unlock. In the game, the player can navigate the world and can shoot his way through several challenges in multiple directions to take down enemies. Advanced levels will be unlocked as the player completes the goals. Check it out, and save the world from being destroyed.