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Riven is a Graphic Adventure and Single-player video game brought to you by Cyan and Red Orb Entertainment. The game is set in the 3D environment where the player controls the protagonist and embarks on a journey to explore the world from a first-person view… read more
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4 Games Like Riven for Mac OS


1. Syberia

Syberia is a 2002’s Hit Single-player Point-and-Click Action and Adventure, Third-person video game by Microids. The game follows the story of Kate Walker, game Protagonist and a skilled Lawyer who tries to wrap up a deal for her client in Europe and Russia, but soon after reaching her destination, she is forced to run for her life. With amazing and realistic visual novel style, wonderful environments, brilliant characters and immersive game-play, Syberia allows you to experience the true hardships a Lawyer can go through and in her case, as the story-line suggests, you get a really good lesson out of that. Running for her life, Kate goes through a number of hardest phases of her life including the time when she receives calls on her Cell Phone from unknown numbers and a worsening relationship with her fiancé. According to the story of the game, Kate reaches to French Village named as Valadilene, where she attends the funeral of Toy Factory owner, an old lady named Anna Voralberg. After a visit to the local notary, Kate gets to know about the Old lady’s brother Hans, living in the North-East of Europe but his whereabouts are unknown. In order to transfer the ownership, Kate must find him and when she starts off her journey to find Hans, the story takes a massive turn that actually writes the fate of Kate. A drama begins that topples her life upside down. Now in order to go with the story and enjoy the game, you must get into the character of Kate and start exploring. Syberia offers a fantastic thrill filled Drama and an equally exciting game-play that makes this game one of the most amazing additions to this specific genre. If you are a fan of Action-Adventure gaming, you must play this game and raise the curtains off of the mysterious theme of the game. With all the amazing things combined, Syberia offers a unique story, a totally challenging and quite exciting game-play and beautiful 3D visuals for you to enjoy.


2. Atlantis: The Lost Tales

Atlantis: The Lost Tales takes you to an amazingly addictive Fantasy-based Action-Adventure and Point and Click experience and leaves you right in the middle of the lost City of Atlantis. The game allows you to be the unnamed protagonist who works as the Special protective guard of the Queen of Atlantis and upon the sudden disappearance of the queen, takes the responsibility to uncover the mysteries and finally find the Queen. As you start off your journey, you’ll find the clues about Queen’s Guards leader’s involvement in Queen’s disappearance and after knowing about that, you’ll have to act quickly because the Guards leader Creon intends to conquer the world with the help of an ancient Power and a new weapon. You must stop Creon from doing that by jumping to different in world and out world locations, finding the clues and objects and by finding the light equal to the power of the weapon that Creon has. After you have acquired the Power, go hunt down Creon and all his minions, free the queen and conclude the game. Atlantis: The Lost Tales is a one amazing game that offers a brilliant story and a wonderfully immersive game-play along with great visuals.


3. Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy

Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy takes you to amazing First-person Point-and-Click Adventures of a journalist and explorer who struggles to save a mysterious species of a Bird. The game offers a resembling game-play and story to Syberia and allows you to embark on a journey in the drawbacks of the year 1990. As the stories told by a renowned explorer named Alexander Valemboise about giant white birds started to fade away, you as the young journalist took the challenge of investigating the matter and embarked on the journey. Following the story-line, you’ll have to go through the harsh and unforgiving environment of Amerzone and find out the clues about the stories told by Alexander Valemboise, get back with the relevant and strong proof of his stories being true and help him regain his dignity. Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy offers a wonderful gaming atmosphere and allows you to enjoy an amazing and quite fascinating Adventure experience. With marvelous game setting, great visual details, well-written story and an engaging game-play, Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy is one of the best Action-Adventure and Point and Click puzzle video game to enjoy .


4. Myst

Myst takes the players to the world of Myst where it offers a fantastic combination of Graphic Adventure and Puzzle elements. Published by the Broderbund, Myst was initially released for Macintosh systems but later on it ported to other platforms such as Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Windows, 3DO, Atari, Amiga and Nintendo, iOS and OSX as Remakes and ports. The game allows the player to be a Stranger, who uses a magical and special book to travel to the Island of Myst where he engages into many puzzles and travels to loads of other worlds known as “The Ages.” The player character travels to the Ages in search of Clues that help him solve the puzzles on the Island of Myst. Through the solution of Puzzles, the player finds out about the backstory of all the characters in the game. Myst offers multiple endings of the game all based upon the actions that the player character performs while playing the game. Unlike the previous games by the Miller Brothers (Designers and Programmers of the game), Myst offers an Adult-Targeted and an entirely Non-Linear story for the game, realistic characters and appearances, twisted gameplay with ethical Dilemma. With a First-person perspective, beautiful visuals, plenty of room for both the character and gameplay, great stories, exploration and absence of physical violence in the game, Myst is a fun Graphic Adventure and Puzzle video game to play and enjoy.


More About Riven

Riven is a Graphic Adventure and Single-player video game brought to you by Cyan and Red Orb Entertainment. The game is set in the 3D environment where the player controls the protagonist and embarks on a journey to explore the world from a first-person view. However, the storyline starts immediately after the events of Myst video game, in which after having been saved from the struggles of his son, the main NPC named Atrus enlists the help the player character to free his beloved wife from the custody of hungry father named Gehn. Unlike Myst video game, which took the player in several worlds that are connected by special books, Riven is set entirely on the Age of Riven, a world gradually falling apart due to the destructive rule of Gehn. The game introduces the point-and-click interface, and the player must use to control the character from a first-person view. During the gameplay, the player navigates the environment through a massive series of randomly generated stills using the clicks of the mouse for movements or to manipulate objects. To explore the land, the player just needs to click in the direction he wants to turn or walk.