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26 Games Like Rendering Ranger: R2

Rendering Ranger: R2 is an Action, Side-scroll Shooting, and Single-player video game created by Rainbow Arts and published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment. The game takes place in the brutal environment where the player controls the titular character, who is a part of the special force. He is tasked with protecting the world and its inhabitants from the brutal alien invasion. The game features a high score screen and offers many types of laser guns to collect throughout the adventure. There are different levels, and the player starts the game with three lives. However, the game doesn’t introduce any continue feature, so the player needs to practice to win the game. While exploring the world, the player is able to receive five hits before losing a life. Several weapons can be discovered in the floating orbs, and each holds a different type of gun. The player moves across the world from a side-scroll viewpoint, run, jump, and shoot his way to take down enemies. With similar gameplay to Contra, exciting graphics, and brilliant mechanics, Rendering Ranger: R2 is the best game to play.

1. Garena Contra: Return

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Garena Contra: Return is an Action, Side-scroll, Run-and-Gun, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Garena Games Online for both mobile devices. The game retains the side-scroll shooting aspects and introduces duo mode, as well as new features. With HD graphics, 3D characters, super sound, and animation effects, you’re going…

7. Jet Gunner

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Jet Gunner is a marvelous piece of art in the genre of 2D Side-Scrolling Action, Run and gun Shooting and Platform gaming. The game offers nostalgia and hardcore action filled game-play, amazingly blasting gunfights, expert level boss battles in an amazing 8-bit Retro environment. With a bunch of addictive main…

8. Super Cyborg

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Super Cyborg is an indie, 2D Action, Side-Scrolling Shooter and Run and Gun video game by Arthur Games. The game lets you be a heroic being whose ultimate goal is to save the humanity from the notorious Xirxul Life Form and emerge as a true savior the populace. According to…

14. GunLord

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GunLord is another great Action, Side-Scrolling, Run and Gun Shooter and Platform video game. The game offers 9 main game stages, amazing game-play consisting of fast-paced and action oriented aesthetics, over 40 unique enemy characters, epic boss battles and a lot of other great things. Your task is to explore…

16. Aliens: Infestation

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Aliens: Infestation is a Metroidvania-type Side-Scrolling Shooter, Run and Gun and Action video game by WayForward and Gearbox Entertainment. The game allows you to recruit your own team of marines and go fighting against the enemies in a truly action oriented and fast-paced game-play. With unique characters, huge cache of…

24. Dead Pixels

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Dead Pixels is a marvelous new Action-Adventure, Platform, and Side-Scrolling Run and Gun video game that tells the story about a zombie outbreak after the toxic water reaches the graveyards. The recently deceased people have become zombies and they are converting all the people to their kin very fast. You…

25. Contra

Contra is 1987’s best 2D Action, Single-player, Co-op, Run and Gun video game. Developed by the famous konami, this super thriller offers an amazingly Action-packed game-play, a wonderful plot and hours of entertainment. According to the storyline, Contra allows you to set yourself up into the character of Pfc. Bill…

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