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7 Games Like Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution for PS2

Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution severs as the 3rd title in the series of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing game, developed by AKI Corporation USA and published by Atari. The game comes with arcade-style boxing elements and introduces new playable fighters from which the player uses his favourite one to participate in the match against an opponent. It has multiple modes such as Championship, Quick Fight, Arcade, Team Fight, Create a Boxer, Mini-Games, and more. It supports both Single-player and Multiplayer modes and lets the player battle against an AI-controlled fighter in Single-player mode or face his friends or other players in Multiplayer matches. Polish his fighting skills, customize his playable character and raise his power up to defeat powerful competitors. The boxing skills are described in three parameters such as Defense, Speed and Power. Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution includes prominent features such as Create a unique Boxer, Intuitive Controls, Train to defeat Opponents, Eight Mini-Games, become the Champion, and more. Check it out, and you’ll love it.

2. Rocky

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Rocky is a Sports, Fighting, Single-player and Multiplayer Boxing Simulation created by Steel Monkey and published by Rage Software. The game offers a stunning gameplay, revolving around the Rocky Franchise. In the game, the player takes on the role of the protagonist, the main character named as Rocky Balboa and…

3. Fight Night 2004

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Fight Night 2004 takes place in the Boxing atmosphere and serves as the successor to Knockout Kings, the previous boxing series released by EA. The title comes with career mode, improved gameplay, mechanics and new characters. It focuses on fighting gameplay featured analogue stick-based control scheme. Like previous titles, the…

7. Knockout Kings 2002

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Knockout Kings 2002 revolves around the Fighting and Sports genres, developed by Black Ops Entertainment, LLC and published by EA. The game features both Single-player and Multiplayer options and offers fantastic fighting gameplay played from a third-person viewpoint. It introduces the real-life boxers, including Muhammad Ali, Trinidad, Evander Holyfield, De…

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