Raiden Legacy


Games Like Raiden Legacy for iOS

#1 Warface: Global Operations


Warface: Global Operations is an Action-Adventure, Shooting, and Single-player video game developed by Throughout the game, the player serves as a commander whose main mission is to engage in different wars and claim the ultimate victories. The game has offered new maps, weapons, equipment, and playable modes to experience.

Four game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Control, Plant the Bomb, and Free-for-All, are available with different objectives. In team deathmatch, the player has to kill enemy players first to gain the highest scores and take the lead. Control mode lets the player capture zones for more points, whereas in free-for-all mode, every man has to prove his skills to be the king of the game.


#2 Modern Strike Online


Modern Strike Online is an Action-Adventure, Shooting, and Single-player video game developed by AZUR INTERACTIVE for Android and iOS. Throughout the game, the player serves as a first-person shooter whose objective is to kill as many terrorists as possible and earn more points at the end to gain victories.

The player can move his character with the controls on the left side. The game offers the player to adjust the camera and aim the target by sliding his finger on the right. The player finds extra buttons for shooting, reloading, aiming, and crouching. The player can use many weapons where every weapon is more deadly than the other one.

#3 Code of War


Code of War is an Action-Adventure, Shooting, and Single-player video game developed by XDEVS LTD. Throughout the game, the player plays like a shooter whose main mission is to save the world by eliminating all the enemies. Aztec temple, secret city, and more places to try shooting skills. Sniper mode or tank rush will test the player’s skills and grant him a chance to improve his tactics.

The player can use over 30 weapons such as guns, rifles, grenades, landmines, armors, and much more. Through progression, the player can unlock incredible weapons and gadgets. While inspecting the world, the player views the environment from a first-person perspective. In the team’s battle, the player finds himself against other teams where the mission is to defeat the enemy team to become the best sniper master.


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