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Project Hospital

Project Hospital is a Strategy, Building, Sandbox, and Single-player video game created by Oxymoron Games for Multiple Platforms. The game provides the player with an opportunity to become an ace doctor, a manager and a successful architect at the same time… read more
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5 Games Like Project Hospital for Linux


1. Prison Architect

Prison Architect combines the elements of Construction and Management Simulation created and published by Introversion Software. The game offers top-down gameplay and deals with city-building genre. The main objective of the player is to build and run a prison to earn money and experience points. It offers the similar gameplay like Theme Hospital, and the player has to build different units, rooms, cages, and office. Hire staff such as a warden, workers, and guards and train them. There are two types of roles that the player can assume such as Governor and Architect. It has a set of levels, and the player will rank up as he completes the objectives. The player can enjoy two different types of modes offering different challenges, story and gameplay such as Escape mode and Story mode. Navigate the world, complete tasks and expand the prison further and further to earn lots of money and points and compete against rival NPCs. With superb gameplay, addictive soundtracks, and brilliant visuals, Prison Architect is the best game as compared to other Business Simulations.


2. Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon is a wonderful Business Simulation video game by Greenheart Games. The game takes you back to the 80s and allows you to establish a Game Development Business, create bestselling video games, sell them to the markets and earn lots and lots of money and become a Game Dev Tycoon. The game takes you back to the Golden Age of Arcade Video Games and allows you to start your business from a Garage, with no investment and no employees. You have to create your first few games yourself and with every new game produced, the game unlocks new options, and your game development skills improve. With every new game, Game Dev Tycoon lets you get to a higher level of the game and rewards you with New Consoles, licenses, and money that you can use to buy a number of items to make your production skills a bit more enhanced. When you have enough money., you can hire employees, rent or buy office building, buy furniture etc. and enjoy running and growing your own Video game Development business. With all the fantastic narrative, great visual details, epic and quite exciting gameplay, Game Dev Tycoon is a fun business Simulation to play and enjoy.


3. Democracy 3

Do you want to be Mr. President? Or Prime-Minister? Or a high ranking official in the government who can change whatever he wants? Well if yes then Democracy 3 is made for you. This wonderful Simulation allows you to be President or Prime-Minister (Totally depends on your choice of selection) and change all the things in your virtual country as you please. If you have a better solution to all the major problems such as Crime, Unemployment, Terrorism, National Debts, Climate Change and Internal Matters, here is your chance to settle everything into an order and run your government with the help of great strategies and all the skills you have got. With a wonderfully created Virtual Country, a lot of Political Parties, Opposition, and all the challenges, Democracy 3 allows you to show off your best talents and skills and enjoy the game.


4. Train Fever

Who wouldn’t like being an in charge of a mighty Railway System? Well if you want to be the sole manager of a massive Railway and Transport Company, Train Fever provides you with the opportunity to be one. Train Fever is a Railway business Simulation that allows you to be a great Transport Business Tycoon, organize a number of trains and stations, buy new transportation vehicles and expand your business, fulfill the needs of the people and earn money to expand your business to the unforeseen limits. With super cool and ultra-realistic visuals, an amazingly engaging game-play and a lot of other great things, this game will literally make you think like a well-known and wealthy Railway Transport Tycoon. Try it out and you’ll definitely enjoy playing this game.


5. My Tribe

My Tribe is a wonderful Life-Simulation, Real-Time Strategy and a Virtual World that lets you create a settlement for you and your tribe. You must generate resources from different sources and create means of learning for your fellow tribesmen. You must also help them start their own kin on the settlement which actually is an island and continue on the thriving path while you are not around. My Tribe allows you to rule over all the tribesmen and the island and assigns you the duty to watch over whats happening and what needs to be done in order to make your ruler-ship smooth and fruitful. This awesome game allows you to erect massive structures, explore the whole game world, and unlock new technologies by solving some challenging puzzles and stuff. With all the fun, amazing game-play, Social Interaction and Networking element and loads of cool things to discover, My Tribe is a great Simulation and a Virtual World to enjoy. Do try it out.

More About Project Hospital

Project Hospital is a Strategy, Building, Sandbox, and Single-player video game created by Oxymoron Games for Multiple Platforms. The game provides the player with an opportunity to become an ace doctor, a manager and a successful architect at the same time. In the game, the player has to design his dream hospital, struggle to tweak every detail or use the predefined models. During the gameplay, the player needs to contract various insurance companies to access to patients with medical conditions, laboratory tests, perform operations, and use different tools to solve the puzzles. While playing the game, the player needs to gather different objects, materials, etc. to make the hospital awesome and use one of many prefabs. The sandbox mode of the game provides the player with endless content, creating anything the player imagine from small clinics to massive hospitals. The player starts the game from scratch o clinic in case he wants to jump. Project Hospital includes prominent features such as Campaign Mode, Create a Hospital, Six Challenging Levels, and more. If you want to build your own hospital to deal with patients, then this game is for you.