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Games Like Portal Runner for Xbox 360

#1 Blinx 2 Masters of Time and Space


Blinx 2 Masters of Time and Space is a 3D Third-person Platform, Single and Multiplayer video game by Microsoft Game Studios and Artoon. The serves as the sequel to Blinx: The Time Sweeper and offers the similar gameplay to its previous title. In the beginning, the player assumes the role of either a Tom Tom or a Time Sweeper and the story revolves around his struggle to find eight fragments of all massive crystals to prevent the end of the world. Some crystals are destroyed by the character Tom Tom upon discover it accidentally, causing both character has to fight against monsters and each other in the past. The player navigates the world from a third-person view, and his primary goal is to complete a series levels to progress through the game. The protagonist can run, jump, interact and can collect coins to score the highest points. With addictive story, brilliant features, and highly detailed environment, Blinx 2 Masters of Time and Space is the best game to play and enjoy.