5 Games Like Police Quest: Open Season on Steam

Police Quest: Open Season is an Adventure, Point-and-Click, and Single-player video game created and published by Sierra On-Line for Multiple Platforms. The game is the 4th marvelous installment in the series of Police Quest video game and it offers the different gameplay from its previous three titles, in both the story and the game engine. In the game, the player assumes the role of the detective named John Carey, rather than officer named Sonny Bonds, and the game takes place in Los Angeles, rather than the fictional land of Lytton. According to the plot, Carey discovers him friend and ex-partner named Bob Hickman, killed on the scene. The player controls the protagonist, who closes in on the murderer after five people are killed. The game contains many challenging levels, in which the player needs to explore the crime scene, interact with NPCs, collect clues and examine to solve the complex murder cases. With brilliant storyline, addictive gameplay, and a cast of characters, Police Quest: Open Season is the best game to play.

2. Moebius: Empire Rising

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Moebius: Empire Rising is an Adventure, Puzzle-based, Point-and-Click, Mystery, and Single-player video game created by Phoenix Online Studios and published by Phoenix Online Publishing for Multiple Platforms. The game takes the player on a thrilling adventure, introducing the protagonist named Malachi Rector, an expert in antiquities using his photographic memory…

4. Hiveswap

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Hiveswap revolves around Episodic Adventure gameplay, developed and published by What Pumpkin Games. The plot follows the girl, who is accidentally shifted to the strange planet of Alternia, the home of the troll species. It serves as one of two video games, with the 2nd titled Hauntswitch, introducing the male…

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