Pokémon Ranger


Games Like Pokémon Ranger for Nintendo DS

#1 Pokémon Platinum


Pokémon Platinum is a Single-player and Multiplayer Role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company for Nintendo DS. The title acts as an improved version of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, serving as the part of the 4th generation of the Pokémon video game series. In this game, the player is capable of controlling either a male or female character and starts his career with one of three Pokémon such as Chimchar, Turtwig, or Piplup. Giratina is a mascot Pokémon who plays the main role in the plot of the game. The game introduces a new area known as the Distorted World, introducing modified physics from the land of Sinnoh, where the game in actually takes place. During the gameplay, the player navigates the massive area, ranges from mountains to water, grasslands full of areas and snowy expanses. Like previous installments in the series, the player needs to use his Pokémon to battle against other players. With prominent features, cool graphics, and brilliant mechanics, Pokémon Platinum is a superb game to play.