21 Games Like Plasma Puncher

Plasma Puncher is an Action and Single-player video game developed and published by Tomatotrap for Microsoft Windows. The story of the game follows the life of the white blood cells which aren’t easy when its home is being destroyed by a germ controlling the waves of microorganisms set out to conquer the bloodstream. The player in the game assumes the role of the last standing white blood cell with an aim to smash this Mother-Microbe and the army that it contains, using the firsts, power-ups, and special attacks. The game is about punching amoebas into oblivion. There are many levels, and the game focuses on Action-brawler elements, taking place mostly in the single circular stage with different challenging groups of enemies occur randomly. During the gameplay, the player needs to survive all the challenges while struggling to conquer the massive sphere where all the actions take place. Plasma Puncher includes prominent features such as Upgrade System, Simple Controls, Waves of Enemies, Destroy the Sphere, and more.

17. Punch Quest

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Punch Quest is a cool Arcade-Style Sidescroller and RPG video game that allows you to put yourself into the character of a fighter hero who by using his fighting abilities and skills defeats his enemies, explores dungeons, defeats the monsters, and collects other heroes and earns experience points. With a…

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