Games Like Pitfall for PS Vita

#1 Run Sackboy! Run!


Run Sackboy! Run! is an Action, Arcade, Platform, Side Scroll, and Single-player video game developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc. The game lets you get into the role of Sackboy, the marvelous hero of the LittleBigPlanet series. The game takes place in various environments and has a series of levels. Explore the game world, avoid hurdles, obstacles and reach at the end of the level. Avoid bubblegum it slow down your speed, use nitro to speed up and collect coins as you can. Use your coins to unlock other features, boosters, items and more and enhance your power. The game offers endless platformer gameplay in which your main goal is to run as fast as you can through hand-crafted levels. Run Sackboy! Run includes core features such as Iconic World, Exciting Character, Exclusive Costumes, Customization, Power-ups, Upgrades, Challenges and more. With the best stunning visuals, engaging gameplay and superb mechanics, Run Sackboy! Run! is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.