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21 Games Like Pain

Pain developed by Idol Minds and published by Sony Computer Entertainment is an Action, Physics-based Single and Multiplayer video game available to play on PlayStation 3. The game takes place in the realistic world and consists of a variety of challenging levels. In the game, your primary aim is to damage a ragdoll character as much as possible to score the best points by using the Havok physics engine, blasting and flying from a slingshot. The ragdoll character has different poses and phrases, can grab an object to throw, can move by ooching and more. There are many characters available including Elvira, Andy Dick, Santa Claus, David Hasselhoff, and more. Three unlockable environments are available to play and enjoy with tons of objects and sandbox elements. Complete each and every level with the highest points and damage your character to unlock further and progress through the game. Pain offers prominent features such as Multiple Characters, Dozens of Ways to Play, Online Multiplayer Supports up to 4-players, Fortress mode, Online Community and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

5. Crazy Wheels

Crazy Wheels is an Adventure, Side-scroll, Fast-paced, and Sports video game developed by CanadaDroid. The game combines the elements of Physics and Racing and takes place in breathtaking worlds. It has lots of levels and invites you to complete each by performing death-defying stunts. Control a bicycle using touch controls…

9. Stickman Dismounting

Stickman Dismounting combines the elements of Ragdoll Physics, Racing, Side-scroll, and Simulation. It is designed for those players who love playing the physics-based game and developed by ViperGames. The game supports single-player mode and takes place in stunning environment consists of lots of levels. It lets you perform death-defying stunts,…

11. Happy Heli Wheels

Android iOS
Happy Heli Wheels is an Arcade, Single-player, Side-Scroll, and Physics-based video game developed by Appy Land. It is available to play on Android and iOS platforms only and takes place in the stunning world. You can control a man who is armed with flying chair called a chopper. Your main…

14. Skate Fighter

Android iOS
Skate Fighter is an Arcade, Side-Scroll and Single-player video game for Android and iOS developed by Nick Ferrara. The game includes different environment and consists of a set of levels. Each level has a variety of enemies like money and your aim is to clear the level with three stars…

15. Mutilate a Doll 2

Mutilate a Doll 2 is a Ragdoll, Physics-based, Sandbox and Single-player video game available to play on Browser. The game offers an exciting gameplay and allows you unleash your anger and beat a buddy using different items, and tools. It has no objective unless you can set a challenging goal…

16. Give Up

Give Up is an Action, Platform, and Single-player Side-scroll video game developed and published by Armorgames. The game offers a set of levels and puts you in the role of the little protagonist. Your ultimate task is to guide the character and start off from a door with a task…

17. Happy Race

Android iOS
Happy Race is a Racing, Physics-based, Stunt and Single-player video game created by Sam Hogan. It is an excellent game that offers fully action-packed gameplay. In which the player can ride different kinds of vehicles and complete numbers of levels. The game allows the player to jump off massive buildings,…

18. Happy Wheels

iOS Online
Happy Wheels is a Fantastic Browser-based Ragdoll Puzzle and Physics-based video game developed and published by the Fancy Force. The game allows the players to enjoy engaging in a totally non-typical gameplay in which they can use vehicles to traverse through the environment and explore the game world as well…

19. QWOP

Android iOS Online
QWOP is an Arcade, Browser-based, and Ragdoll-based Single-player video game created and published by Foddy. The game offers an exciting gameplay that you have never experienced before. In the game, you can assume the role of the athlete known as Qwop, using P, O, W, and Q. There are five…

21. Flip Master

Android iOS Online
Flip Master is a Sports video game created and published by The game offers a thrilling trampoline gameplay where you can perform various tricks such as Gainers, Backflips, Front flips, Bounces, and more. With the animated Ragdoll Physics, the game offers the dynamic gameplay and lets you start your…

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