16 Games Like Nikko RC Racer

Nikko RC Racer is a Single-player Racing video game developed and published by Paladin Studios for iOS. The game introduces addictive gameplay, in which the player can control a car with an objective of crossing the finish line before anyone. There are different types of vehicles available, and the player needs to choose his favorite one in the start to jump into the race. Over nine off-road tracks available in the massive city park and the player needs to drive one of 10 vehicles to advance through the game. During the gameplay, the player has to hit the checkpoints as fast as possible and attempt to claim the number one spot to become the master. While playing the game, the player can challenge his Facebook buddies and see if they can match his skills. The player can also race against the ghost and can use all of the shortcuts and tricks to take down. During the gameplay, the player has an opportunity to experience the thrill of the race anywhere and anytime. Nikko RC Racer includes prominent features such as Race against Facebook Friends, Grab Power-ups, Intense Racing Gameplay, and more. Check it out, and enjoy.

2. RC Cars

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RC Cars is a 3D Racing, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Create Studio and published by 1C Company for Microsoft Windows. The game offers an exciting Arcade gameplay, introducing the highly realistic toy radio controlled vehicles. During the gameplay, the player can perform acrobatic feats in the air,…

3. iRacing

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iRacing is a Racing Simulation developed by Motorsport Simulations. The game introduces official races, league races, special events, and practice sessions. It comes with realistic cars, racing events, tracks, and enforcing rules of modeled on racing events. It enables the player to experience the realistic cockpit view and compete…

4. Mashed: Drive to Survive

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Mashed: Drive to Survive is an Action-Adventure, Racing, Vehicular Combat, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Supersonic Software. The game takes place in the stunning world and includes various vehicles to play and enjoy. Each car equips with weapons, and equipment and has its unique abilities. You can play…

15. Fast and Furious: Legacy

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Fast and Furious: Legacy is an Action-Adventure, Racing and Single-player video game available to play on Android. The game takes place in the three-dimensional environment and features lots of locations from around the globe to race against AI controlled vehicles. Multiple cars are available and the player needs to choose…

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