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24 Games Like Night Terrors

Night Terrors by Novum Analytics is a Horror themed Augmented Reality video game that literally turns your home into a gory death pit filled with all kinds of monsters and spirits. Still in the development phase, Night Terrors offers a truly realistic Augmented Reality based horror show through your mobile device and lets you play the game in your home or anywhere else you want. Typically built using the techniques in Horror movies, Night Terrors is being built by the funding and the company has started a campaign over IndieGOGO and if you are a donor, you’ll definitely get a free copy of the game once it’s completed. So are you ready to engage yourself into the most realistic and horror experience? Well, if yes then you must try Night Terrors out when it’s out and it’ll definitely change your way of looking at things for sure. Night Terrors offers clean and vivid 3D visuals, amazing game mechanics and a brilliantly engaging gameplay to enjoy.

2. Ingress

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Ingress by Niantic is an Augmented Reality MMO and location-based Mobile video game. Based on a complex and Sci-Fi story, Ingress offers a totally open and continuous game narrative. The game features team-based gameplay in which you’ll have to be part of a massive competition where unlike many other MMO…

4. Life is Crime

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Life is Crime lets you turn your neighborhood into a totally amazing Criminal world. Developed and published by Red Robot Games. This cool Augmented Reality and Location-based RPG video game is packed with extreme Action and Adventure aesthetics and is available to play on Facebook and Android. The game allows…

5. Zombies, Run!

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Zombies, Run! By Six to Start is an amazingly addictive and quite exciting Single-player Augmented Reality and Exergame video game playable on Android and iOS platforms. The game offers a narrative based upon a Zombie Apocalypse in the vicinity of Abel Township and it allows you to be the main…

6. Parallel Kingdom

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Parallel Kingdom is a truly remarkable addition to the already trending MMORPG genre. What’s new in the game is that it offers Augmented Reality and Location-based gameplay aesthetics and that makes this game the most epic MMORPG ever. The game offers a beautiful combination of Virtual and Real World elements…

23. PulzAR

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PulzAR is a Puzzle and Single-player video game developed by Exient Ltd and published by SCEA for PlayStation Vista platform. It offers stunning gameplay that you have never experienced before. According to the plot, the world is in danger, and the humanity is standing on the edge of destruction. Beyond…

24. Ben 10: Alien Experience

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Ben 10: Alien Experience is an Action-Adventure, First-person Perspective, Augmented Reality (AR) and Single-player video game developed and published by Cartoon Network. The game is set in the 3D environment where the player has an opportunity to battle against bad guys in AR (Augmented Reality) battles, and it turns the…

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