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Neon Beats

Neon Beats is a 2D, Rhythm, Free-to-play, and Single-player Music video game created and published by Okyo Games. The game takes the player in the 2D world where he moves from a side view and uses his platforming skills to advance throughout levels… read more
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9 Games Like Neon Beats for PS3


1. Vib-Ribbon

Vib-Ribbon is an absolutely great Puzzle and Rhythm game developed by NanaOn-Sha and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. This super awesome video game lets the player play the music from any music CD and it generates a unique level from any player given track. Like Audiosurf, the player creates music by simply clicking or tapping on the shown spots on screen that after pressed in order, produce a virtually identical sound as in the music loaded from the CD or player music library. Game loads into ram so it runs smoothly on almost every supported platform and a great feature of the game is simplest 3D graphics presenting white vector lines that form angular and crude line drawings of the level and the character of a female rabbit named Vibri. Vib-Ribbon is one of the best ever Music and Rhythm games to play and enjoy, you should totally check it out. Vib-Ribbon is available on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 only.


2. Rock Band

Rock Band, developed by Harmonix in collaboration with Pi Studios and published by MTV Games and Electronic Arts is a fun Music creation and Puzzle video game. The game features an exciting and quite challenging game-play as you play the game by using different game controllers all at once or as a single player. Just like the games in Guitar Hero series, you are able to play the game using external game controllers and by pressing, the button on right time when a musical note falls down or slides in front of you on the screen. The game lets you use different musical instrument control pads like Guitars, Drums or other musical instruments etc. according to your needs. You can play this game as a musical band and upon completion of a musical track, all of the players earn points and during the game-play players collect power-ups as overdrives and use them to buy upgrades from in game stores. Rock Band provides with brilliant 3D graphics along with Single and Multiplayer gaming experience.


3. Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is a music and rhythm creation video game developed by Harmonix and published by RedOctane for PlayStation 2. The game is played by the help of a guitar shaped game controller that helps you create music by pressing the buttons on the right time when music notes fall or scroll in front of you on a screen. Guitar Hero features 30 most popular rock music songs and a game-play quite similar to the one in Guitar Freaks by Konami and most of the controls resemble to it too. The game also features cool 3D graphics along with single and multiplayer gaming mode options. Do try it out if you haven’t yet and enjoy the ultimate guitar shredding fun.


4. Michael Jackson: The Experience

Michael Jackson: The Experience is the first video game offers the magic and the excitement of Michael Jackson’s videos and music. The game focuses on Rhythm and Music elements and supports Single and Multiplayer modes created and published by Ubisoft. It features lots of Michael Jackson’s hits such as Billie Jean, Black or White, Bad, Beat It, Thriller, The Way you Make Me Feel, and more. The gameplay revolves around dance style element and features three different modes such as The Classic, Duo, and Crew. The player has to follow the Michael Jackson avatar in Classic mode, while second is used for duets. In the third mode, the game features two backup dancers and Michael and allows the player to select one of three characters to dance. After gaining enough experience, the player can unlock training mode in the Dance School where he can learn some unique dancing skills. The Dance Crew mode allows the player to dance and sing simultaneously with up to six of his fellows to create perfect dance experience. With awesome gameplay and brilliant mechanics, Michael Jackson: The Experience is the best music video game to enjoy.


5. Rocksmith 2014

Rocksmith 2014 is a mix of Music, Education, Rhythm, and Simulation elements developed and published by Ubisoft. The game supports Single-player mode and available to play on Cross platform. It lets a chance to the player to learn how to play guitar. It uses a real tone cable that connects to the output jack of guitars. Acoustic guitars and other music instrument require additional hardware to connect such as a pickup. It includes a variety of superb songs including House of the Rising Sun, I Got Mine, Song 2, etc. and lets the player play the song repeating the beat in the game. In normal mode, the game showing a guitar fretboard, divided into colored strings. Music notes are displayed in colored rectangles, and the player task is to match the color of the note with guitar strings to take down. As the player advanced, the game becomes challenging and unlocks other famous songs to play. With superb gameplay, colorful graphics, and attractive sounds, Rocksmith 2014 is the best Music game to play and enjoy.


6. DJ Hero

DJ Hero is Music, Rhythm, Single and Multiplayer video game released by FreeStyleGames. The game is about creating a new music from previously recorded songs using the sound effects producers and record players, with ninety-four remixes. It features at least hundred different songs of various genres. To earn the points, you must hit the button to activate beats, maintain their crossfade between scratch and two songs. The game features both Single-player and Multiplayer modes. There are a variety of songs, and you must select one of them to start your game, press the button to adjust beat and score the highest points to progress through the game. Show off your abilities in different modes and become the ultimate master. As the game proceed, it becomes challenging and other levels will be unlocked to play and play. With exciting music gameplay, wonderful visuals and superb mechanics, DJ Hero is the best music game to play and enjoy.


7. Rocksmith

Rocksmith is a Music video game developed by Ubisoft San Francisco and published by Ubisoft. The game offers an exciting gameplay that you never experienced before. It lets you a chance to learn how to play guitar through this game. You can use your real guitar and can connect with the game using real tone cable. It features lots of modes, challenging and licensed songs for you to play and enjoy. You can start off from career mode, as you progress through the game, it unlocked other features and modes depends on your experience. In Normal mode, a song is played by the game and shows some colored strings, and you have to match their colors to create a sweet tune and earn points. There are different mini-games available to earn points and learn real guitar. Connect your electric guitar with the game and show off your abilities to your friends to impress them. With cool features, exciting gameplay, and brilliant mechanics, Rocksmith is the best game to play and enjoy.


8. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd is a Rhythm, Music and Single-player video game developed and published by Sega for PlayStation platform only. It is the sequel to 2012’s Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F video game. The game offers the similar gameplay to its predecessor and introduces new songs and character modules. It provides an opportunity for the player to become a virtual singer in the game and get fame. There are up to forty addictive songs available with four expansive difficulty settings. It has a variety of characters, and the player can select one of them to get into the game world where he/she can customize it with up to 180 costumes and more than 150 accessories and items. Create the video of your performance and share it on PSN with friends to impress them. The game looks easy but hard to master. As the game proceed, it becomes challenging. Explore the world from a third-person perspective, create amazing tracks and get hordes of fans. With superb gameplay, beautiful world, stunning graphics and brilliant mechanics, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd is the best game to play and enjoy.


9. Bandfuse: Rock Legends

Bandfuse: Rock Legends is a Single and Multiplayer Music Simulation with Rhythm elements developed by Realta Entertainment Group and published by Hamster Corporation. The game integrates realistic musical instruments like real electric guitar, microphone, and basses, etc. with the console and supports up to four players. It offers an exciting gameplay and gives you an opportunity to become the real musician through this game. Connect your real guitar with the game console and play brilliant licensed songs to impress your friends. There are multiple levels, and the game offers to pick up and play gameplay experience. Your primary objective is to score the highest points by playing the songs accurately. As you advanced, the game becomes challenging. Unlock further content in the game by completing your levels and become the realistic musician in the match. You can connect any types of electric guitar with the game to play. With superb mechanics, addictive gameplay, and a collection of brilliant songs, Bandfuse: Rock Legends is the best game to play and enjoy.

More About Neon Beats

Neon Beats is a 2D, Rhythm, Free-to-play, and Single-player Music video game created and published by Okyo Games. The game takes the player in the 2D world where he moves from a side view and uses his platforming skills to advance throughout levels. In the beginning, the player is evolved in a set of levels that are rhythm by catchy music. The main objective of the player is to complete all levels as soon as possible, with an aim of gathering all hidden collectibles. During the gameplay, the player needs to avoid all challenging obstacles to advance. In this game, you will find four different levels and each has its unique music to discover. The player will experience the rhythm-based gameplay that will engage the player for several hours. The player discovers a character that he can control using smooth and responsive controls. Neon Beats introduces core features such as Several Challenging Levels, Neon Ambiance, a Score-based Systems, Collectibles, Rhythm-based Gameplay, Four Levels, and more.