31 Games Like Negligee

Negligee is an Anime, Visual Novel, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed and published by Dharker Studio for Multiple Platforms. The game introduces a beautiful cast of anime characters and it puts the player in the role of the manager. It offers a storyline about love and lingerie, in which the player as the manager of the underwear shop called Negligee. The player must find the awesome girl to help him in running a shop, assist the different shoppers find what they are searching for and help him for better grips with his new discovered position to be a success. There are three cute girls such as Sophie, Jasmin, and Charlotte. The player needs to define one of them to advance through the game and make choices while playing to progress the storyline. Multiple choices and paths will determine the end of the story.  Negligee offers key features such as Unlockable Achievements, Multiple Slots, Special Events, HD Characters, Several Routes, etc. Check it out, and have fun.

10. X-Note

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X-Note is another great Visual-Novel, Supernatural Mystery that offers a brilliant combination of Life and Dating Simulation aesthetics. The game revolves around the character of Essi, a young girl whose mother dies in a car accident and that affects her life badly. As the result Essi gets reserved and starts…

18. Surviving High School

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Surviving High School is a 2005’s Top trending Episodic Interactive Fiction and Visual Novel video game distributed worldwide by EA Mobile. The game offers new episodes every week and lets the players enjoy a gameplay similar to its Sister game Cause of Death (Closed in 2014). Surviving High School offers…

19. Supple: Episode 2

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Supple: Episode 2 lets the players enjoy another brilliant episode of the popular Social Networking and Virtual World Simulation, Supple. This time the game lets the players play the game as Arin Costello and enjoy the Coveted promotion of Style Editor at Supple Magazine. The game allows the players to…

26. Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition

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Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition is an Adventure, Visual Novel, 2D, and Single-player Simulation developed by Norm and published by cherry Kiss Games. The storyline focuses on the main character named Kazuma, who returns to his homeland due to unhappy with his Tokyo. The home of the character is situated…

27. Elisa: Seduce the Innkeeper

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Elisa: Seduce the Innkeeper is an Adventure, Visual Novel, and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Neoclassic Games for Multiple Platforms. The game features a beautiful cast of anime characters and the storyline revolves around beautiful girls, who are so well known for reason that no one could manage to…

29. Love Hina Party

Love Hina Party is an Action, Top-down Perspective, Anime, Arcade, and Single-player video game developed and published by Marvelous Entertainment, Inc. for Game Boy Color. The game is one of several video games focused on a Love Hina manga, which in turn was made into anime. The storyline of the…

30. Hatoful Boyfriend

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Hatoful Boyfriend is an Adventure, Anime, Story Rich, and Single-player Dating Simulation created by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. The game puts the player in the role of the protagonist, an only human, who is selected at the prestigious St. PigeoNation’s institute, the school which is created for smart…

31. Sentou Gakuen Revival

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Sentou Gakuen Revival is a Role-playing, Adventure, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game created and published by PST Team. The game offers superb gameplay that you may have never experienced before. It takes place in the fantastic environment and revolves around MMORPG gameplay with Visual Novel twist. The game features…

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