Need For Speed: The Run


Games Like Need For Speed: The Run for Linux

#1 Distance


Distance by Refract Studios is a super thriller and action-survival car racing video game set in a chaotic open world gaming environment. The game lets you drive a special car that allows you to speed up, jump, rotate, and fly over the twisted and Sci-Fi environment on strangest ever tracks. Distance allows you to drive your car through the most deceitful and erratic neighborhood and roads where you only can survive by completing a race event in time. The whole game gives you an idea of a delusional world and surroundings and you can drive your car on the walls and rooftops of buildings to save up the time to reach to the finish line. The game provides with a single car for you to drive along with a chaotic and quite engaging game-play in which if you are not attentive to the smallest details, you’ll lose it. You can also ride alone in the free ride mode or you can play the game with your friends or other online players around the world. Distance is a bit different from traditional car racing games but it provides with the most appealing and engaging game-play to enjoy the game with a different touch and feeling.