Naval War: Arctic Circle Alternatives for Android

Naval War: Arctic Circle

Naval War: Arctic Circle is a Strategy, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Turbo Tape Games. Throughout the gameplay, the player has to explore the seas and must claim victories through skills. The best leadership and strong army will assist the player in dominating the rivals… read more

5 Games Like Naval War: Arctic Circle for Android


1. From Village to Empire

From Village to Empire is am Strategy, Casual, Hex Grid, and Single-player video game developed by Witch Laboratory for Windows. Throughout the game, the player plays the job of a leader who has to lead his faction to advancement over time. The player has to manage all the essential resources to get hold of the world.

Building cities, researching technologies, and training units to conquer new lands are the basic tasks of the commander. The game offers almost many playable nations with unique and significant strengths as well as weaknesses. The player has complete control over city customization such as fences, roads, transports, roads, etc.


2. Pirate Dawn

Pirate Dawn is an Adventure, RPG, and Single-player video game developed by Kim Stockton for Android. All through the game, the player has to serve as a pirate whose primary mission is to explore various seas and oceans to claim victories. Destiny lies in the player’s hand, whether to dominate the world or let the opponents command the world.

While simulating around the seas, the player views the environment from a bird’s eye view. The player has to expand his territory by conquering other lands but be careful as the opponents can turn the tables, and the player can lose everything.


3. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is a F2P (Free-to-play), Adventure, Pirates, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Home Net Games for multiple platforms. The game puts you in the role of the pirate and the environment takes place in the midst of Caribbean. There are more than twenty types of ships available from which the player needs to select one of them to start his adventure to rule on the sea. The game introduces five different types of ammo such as chain balls, cannon balls, doubles and grapeshot. The player can explore the land from a third-person perspective and can sail his ship, command his crew to attack other fleet of ships to loot resources, gold, and valuables. The game offers five controllable nations and enables the player select one of them and compete with other players in both PvP (Player versus Player) and PvE (Player versus Environment) modes. It comes with day/night cycles and the world comprises more than hundreds of islands and plenty of ports. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt includes prominent features such as 20 Captain Skills, Building Construction, Day/Night Cycle, Realistic Sailing Model, 5 Types of ammo, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.


4. Son Korsan

Son Korsan is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Strategy, and Action video game developed and published by Consala Games for mobile devices as well as Microsoft Windows. The game takes place in the 3D environment and lets you get ready for an epic battle where you will experience the pirate ship and strategy gameplay with MMO twist. During the gameplay, the player needs to enhance his ship, level up and get strong. The player can equip his ship with powerful weapons like advanced cannons, qualified crew, elite cannonballs, skilled pirates, and more. In the game, the player can assemble his naval army by making a guild or joining the current one. The ultimate objective of the player is to dominate the islands and be a team so that the player could be the one who rules the massive seas. The game rewards the player with experience points by completing daily missions, and he can use these points to speed up his improvements. With prominent features, superb mechanics, and brilliant graphics, Son Korsan is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.


5. Pacific Fleet

Pacific Fleet is a Turn-based Strategy, WWII-themed, and Single-player Naval Simulation developed and published by Killerfish Games for Android. The game offers the 3D stunning graphics and revolves around the massive conflict at sea. There are lots of historical-based ships, weapons, aircraft and plenty of upgrades. It represents the unique blend of the tactical decision and strategic planning elements where the player selects his faction from Imperial Japanese Navy and US Pacific Fleet. During the gameplay, the player can explore over ninety zones to fight through his way to victory. At the beginning of the game, the player has to select his one of seventeen playable ships to start his fight against another faction with a task to rule over the sea. There are eight playable aircraft available, and the player will experience random ship placement, weather and night system. The player explores the environment from a top-down perspective, shoot his way to destroy enemies and unlock over forty-four achievements. Pacific Fleet includes core features such as Dynamic Weather, Submarine Warfare, Realistic Physics, Historical-based Ships, 90 Combat Zones, and more.

More About Naval War: Arctic Circle

Naval War: Arctic Circle is a Strategy, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Turbo Tape Games. Throughout the gameplay, the player has to explore the seas and must claim victories through skills. The best leadership and strong army will assist the player in dominating the rivals.

The player will come to experience varied weather conditions and day/night cycles in this naval adventure. The game control has two viewports, such as a large and a small one. The small viewport hosts a 2D strategic view of the playable map, whereas the large one has a 3D view to maintain the unit’s position.

The game allows the player to switch between both of the views on the main display. As the player makes progress, he will gain access to civilian tankers, vessels, fishing boats, and aircraft available in the game. The core features of the game are Skills, Multiple Vehicles, Two Viewports, Day/Night Cycles, and Real-time Strategy.