Mystery Case Files: Huntsville


Games Like Mystery Case Files: Huntsville for Nintendo 3DS

#1 Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst


Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst is an Adventure, Point-and-Click, and Single-player Hidden Object video game created and published by Big Fish Studios for Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS. The game acts as the 3rd installment in the series of Mystery Case File and offers addictive gameplay and a compelling storyline. The Queen of England sends a letter to the sleuth after the Master Detective solves the mystery of Hope Diamond of the Queen, regarding a strange, mysterious estate in Blackpool called Ravenhearst Manor. The game features a variety of levels, and each level has a set of objects that the player has to find and add in his inventory to use later when need to solve the tricky puzzles. The game becomes challenging to play as the player advances through it. The player has a chance to become the detective and show off his skills to impress his friends. Further levels will be unlocked as the player advances through it. Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.