Mob Rule Classic


Games Like Mob Rule Classic for PS3

#1 Dragon Age 2


Dragon Age 2 is an exciting Action RPG game by BioWare. The game allows you to enjoy melee combat system with Hack and Slash factor. You can explore the game world by going through different quests, fighting against the enemies in PvP and PvE Combats. Your character belongs to a family Hawke. You can communicate with the NPCs and make a team of different players, take them all with you on your epic encounters and enjoy fighting against the enemy bosses. You can bring three companions along with you while having combats against the enemies. You can pause the game and freeze your enemy, you can now switch your player with other members of your team. New player can kill the frozen enemy. You can control all your players during any battle or outside the battle. You can make friends and have a friendly rivalry. Your friends can be changed in to your rivals. You have to be careful in this regard while going on different quests, your friend should follow your instructions during a quest. Otherwise you have to fight against your friend as a rival to complete your task. You will get rivalry bonuses and friendship bonus in both cases. You will get a chance of romance as well. Dragon Age 2 is a thrilling and engaging game to play with enhanced visuals and a brilliant story.