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Misao is an Adventure, Anime, RPG, and Single-player video game developed by sen for Windows. Throughout the gameplay, the player plays the job of an unknown protagonist who sets off on an adventure in search of a little girl. A little girl named Misao is a good friend of the protagonist and a student of a cursed school and did not come back for a long time… read more
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6 Games Like Misao for iOS


1. The Detail

The Detail is an amazing Graphic-Adventure and Interactive Drama video game by Rival Games Ltd. The game allows you to be Detective Reginald “Reggie” Moore, who becomes frustrated with the defective Justice System and plans to take it down with all the responsible. Crime scene investigations, clue and object finding, capturing the accused and investigating them are the most prominent features of this brilliant game. The game takes place on the fictional location of a Modern American City and it allows you to control the main character Reggie, start from a murder case that took place because of a long lasting gang war, make toughest choices that will directly affect your life as a detective. You must solve the case and at the same time protect your family from the gang members and keep on pacing through the story. The Detail offers a gameplay that is a mixture of Interactive Comics and other story-based elements. The game offers a gameplay and mechanics inspired by the popular The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead by telltale games and features realistic crime based drama and visuals. The story of the game is more similar to the HBO hit T.V Series “The Wire” and is quite interesting to get involved in. With all the Drama, and Suspense, The Detail is one amazing video game to play and enjoy.


2. Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a Series of games that offers various Action-Adventure and Point-and-Click exploits of the character of Nancy Drew. The series features over a dozen games and is one of the longest running series of mysteries that tends to provide you with quality entertainment and immerses you deeply with the brilliant stories. Available on various gaming platforms such as PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo and Smart phones, Nancy Drew offers Interactive and Visual Novel style aesthetics and allows you to solve puzzles, talk to NPCs, Collect items, and solve crimes and Mysteries. Being a fantastic video game series, Nancy Drew offers some of the most amazing Video games in the series and some of them are big hits such as Nancy Drew Adventures, Nancy Drew Dossier and Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries etc. Throughout the series Nancy Drew offers a number of different environments, stories, characters and various gameplay experiences etc. With all the fantastic story-driven gameplays, Nancy Drew lets you enjoy both exploration and Detective aesthetics and that is what makes the whole series a marvelous creation of all time.


3. The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey offers a great Point-and-Click, Action-Adventure, Exploration and Puzzle experience for all the lovers of these specific genres. With amazing new characters, brilliant setting and an immersive game-play, The Longest Journey lets you be part of a multi-layered and a great story that will definitely leave you spellbound for quite some time. The game is set in the two parallel universes named as Stark and Arcadia and it allows you to be the protagonist April Ryan, a student living in Stark City who has the magical ability to move between the two universes. You as the protagonist will have to move to the Arcadia Universe where she meets with the White Dragon who tells her about the coming adventure. Soon after meeting the White Dragon, April gets attacked and suddenly shifts back to the main Stark universe. In order to find out the source of attack and who is behind it, you’ll have to move to a number of locations, interact with objects and NPCs, collect the clues and solve some challenging puzzles and finally reach to source and conclude the story. With a number of great characters, a marvelous setting, immersive game-play and stat of the art visuals, The Longest Journey is a fun game to play.


4. The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is an Interactive Drama, Episodic and Graphic Adventure video game developed by “Telltale Game”. The story of the game is based on “Bill Willingham” Comic Book Series named as “Fables”. The game takes you back to the past in the year 1986 and fits you right into the character of “Bigby Wolf” a law enforcing officer. “The Wolf Among Us” starts off with you as the protagonist saving a fable girl from the attack of a woodsman. You take her to your place where she heals her wounds and leaves saying that “You are not as bad as People think you are”. Chapter ends and in next chapter someone gives you the news of the fable girl’s head resting at a Woodsman doorstep. Sherrif “Ichabod Crane” orders you to investigate and solve the case and take “Snow White” with you as your assistant. “The Wolf Among Us” is a super thrilling and exciting case solving and detective video game that lets you solve murder cases by investigating and collecting the clues/evidences and by interacting with objects and NPCs. The game has a twisted and strange story that literally makes you dive deep into imagination and curiosity. Wolf Among Us offers a brilliant Episodic, Interactive and Story Driven gameplay and beautiful visuals to enjoy.


5. Broken Age

Broken Age, an epic Point-and-Click Adventure game is developed and published by Double Fine Productions. The story of the game revolves around the life events of two teenagers named Vella Tartine and Shay Volta. Vella’s life hangs in between life and death as she is to be sacrificed to protect her village from a giant monster Mog Chothra and Shay is an astronaut on a ship fully controlled by a computer who thinks of herself as an over protective and overconfident mother of Shay. Vella lives in a world where people believe that sacrifices can save them from Mog Chothra, but vella is not ready to die. She escapes the beasts attack and runs away. She finds a temple that is actually Shay Volta’s Ship. She wakes Shay up from stasis and with the help of Shay they make a weapon and when “Mog Chothra” re appears Vella kills the creature. The storyline of the game and graphics along with gaming environment are astounding.


6. Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands based on the original Borderlands is an Episodic, Interactive Drama and Graphic Action-Adventure video game developed by Telltale Games. Set in the Borderlands universe, this point and click graphic adventure video game lets you be anyone of the two main protagonists Rhys and Fiona, Explore the game world, interact with game objects, engage yourself into conversations with NPCs and make choices that will eventually effect the story and will set the course of events. Tales from the Borderlands provides with some gun-play elements too and features the same mechanics that were previously used with Borderlands and provides with procedurally generated guns and ammunition. Tales from the Borderlands have some more episodes yet to come out and will definitely amaze you with what it has to offer. For a great Adventure and interactive Drama experience, you should totally play this game.

More About Misao

Misao is an Adventure, Anime, RPG, and Single-player video game developed by sen for Windows. Throughout the gameplay, the player plays the job of an unknown protagonist who sets off on an adventure in search of a little girl. A little girl named Misao is a good friend of the protagonist and a student of a cursed school and did not come back for a long time.

The game has multiple characters where the player can choose male or female desirably. The gender selection has a direct impact on the outcome of the story as the dialogues and scenes differ for both the personalities.

The included characters are Misao, Tohma, Saotome, Ayaka, Yoshino, Kudoh, Kurata, and much more. Misao is a missing girl, Tohma is a handsome boy with a deep interest in girls, Saotome likes the company of boys, Ayaka is a teacher of the school, Yoshino is a girl who harasses the missing female, and Kudoh serves as the Misao’s friend.