Metal Gear Acid 2


Games Like Metal Gear Acid 2 for Nintendo Switch

#1 Wargroove


Wargroove is a Single-player and Multiplayer Turn-based Tactics video game developed and published by Chucklefish for Multiple Platforms. The game lets the player experience the Nintendo Wars-style tactical gameplay, in which he needs to explore maps and battle enemies. In the game, the player needs to select to take control of one of fifteen powerful commanders, each has its unique campaign, personality, and motivations. The Online Multiplayer supports Co-op and PvP game type. The campaign editing tools will let the player build his maps, and there’s an overworld editor that can be used for linking various missions together. The game takes place on the island continent of Aurania. According to the plot, the island was ruled by two massive nations such as Silmor and Cacophony. While playing the game, the player needs to command his team, explore the land from an isometric viewpoint and then lead his one of many characters to attack opposing team in an attempt to eliminate their members to advance through the game. The battle will be fought in a turn-based system.